Live–In – Results in Unsuccessful Marriage

Ever since I have started writing here, I have always wanted to express my opinions on the topic of live-in relationships. It is certainly the most popular and strongly accepted fact that live-in relationships are disastrous if they don’t reach the stage of marriage.

But a question that always clicked my mind is that why don’t people accept the live-in lovers healthily even if they dwell together on promise to staying together for their entire life? A recent survey has made a convincing answer to my questions and thus I can now withstand my opinion of saying that live in relationships  prove to be disastrous in both the cases i.e. no matter they get married or not.

Well, the consequences if live in lovers don’t get married is just obvious. They face hatred and disrespectful attitude from the society and are no where counted to be healthy additions to the society. They are considered to be unhealthy and anti society examples and are avoided to get engaged to.

As per the recent studies conducted by Galena Rhoades, the senior researcher, Scott Stanley, the research professor and Howard Markman, psychology professor the live in lovers are shown not to be good as married couples also. The study compelled many people to believe that the ones who are living together and get married are more likely to have a divorce as compared to those who wait to stay together before getting married.

Also the research conducted at University Of Denver revealed the fact that the couples who get engaged after living together for several years gets divorced by filing a reason that they are not satisfied with their marriages.

The psychologists stated that they the couples who without making a prior commitment of getting married moves into live in relationships are most probably seen winding it up getting separated. But the exceptions who choose to marry also fail to share a healthy married life for long.

Also it has been discovered that getting parted is much more difficult after sharing live-in than it is in case of dating relationship.

Well, every individual has his own opinion but as this is my write up I would like to state that for me live in is something that is only followed by those who are mentally prepared to move out of the relationship one or the other coming day. I don’t understand what is there that one can’t know about his/her partner while dating that can be only revealed after having a physical relation with the person. People who fear taking decisions and fear taking responsibilities are majorly found taking up such steps that sometimes charge them heavily.

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