Why do people earn money?To be able to do all that they want to ?To be able to spend quality time with their near and dear ones .These are some of the reasons that people actually work very hard for , to have sufficient money .But very often we see people work so hard to earn money that they forget why they are earning money.Is it just for the sake of money that people earn money?

People spend so many hours in offices .They spend an entire day at the office and by the time they reach home ,they are just too tired to do anything.Months and years pass by like that without these people realising that even they are getting old.There are many people who do not even realise that their children have grown up , some do not realise how six years of their lives have just went by.They were too busy to notice.There are many relationships that break because people do not have the time to invest in them.What is the point of having money if one does not have time to spend the money.

Actually there is no point of mechanically earning money.There should be a proper balance.People should realise that they are not just employees but also have several other obligations to take care of.Why do people do not understand the fact that they will not get back the time that they are letting go.Everything and every single time that they have is precious.What is the point of being a father if one cannot manage to teach the child all the things that a father teaches.These are small things but important things.Everything is not just money.Money is just a part of it.It is really very funny that people cannot find enough time to do the things that they intend to do by earning money .

What do these people live for?Their office ? I really do not understand.I do not think that it is very good that people are increasingly becoming workaholics.I am not at all against people working.But yeah people who work ten to twelve hours a day and do not have time for themselves I do not understand them.

Years are not meant to be spent like this.When will people learn?When they grow old and realise and see that all their earlier youthful years have just gone by with them working? Do not you think that it is a very late realisation?I do not think that anything can make up for the years and the days that have gone by.A person after all the hard work might have a very comfortable old age ,but is that all that we live for?

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