Mahaul matters

it’s the ‘mahaul’ that makes and breaks political careers in India and not policies

When the winter session of parliament 2015 was being put in deep freezer, I was having a rather interesting discussion with a senior congress leader from Delhi. Though very casually, he mentioned what congress did in 10 years of its rule at center, BJP has miraculously managed in 10 months; he was referring to the inability of government to get a functional parliament. Continue reading “Mahaul matters”

Reality Check #OddEvenFormula

Although the patient died on operation table but the good thing is we can now harvest its body parts for other’s treatment, so lets kill few more

On 15th January #OddEvenFormula ended and with lot of pomp and show the CM declared it successful in bringing down the pollution. Lot of news channels hailed it as a revolutionary step and scores of them trying to showcase public mood said people are all game for it and are happy with this step. The CM declared a public meeting in Chattrasal Stadium to thank Delhiites for participating in it and making it successful (what happened in that public meeting and how all attention all of a sudden from #OddEvenFormula shifted to #CowardBJP #KejriinDanger is another story). Continue reading “Reality Check #OddEvenFormula”

Candy Crush and Kejri Crush Saga

There are two things, right now from which I am tired and, if not all then perhaps most of you will be as well; invite to play ‘Candy Crush Saga’ and Arvind Kejriwal’s continuous rant about BJP’s conspiracy against him and his fellow party men. Continue reading “Candy Crush and Kejri Crush Saga”

Let us NOT hang Kasab

He shall be hanged by neck till he is dead! That’s what Judge M.L. Tahilyani said for Ajmal Kasab, while giving the verdict almost one hand a half year later, in the 26/11 Mumbai attack case. Nothing surprising about the verdict, all have long seen it coming. Had Kasab been acquitted then it would have been a real shame for the Government, investigating agencies and of course our judicial system. But they all knew it and hence we didn’t see any such debacle in this case. But should Kasab really be hanged? Continue reading “Let us NOT hang Kasab”

The Election Result-09

None had expected the 16th may result to be so much clear and explicit. Both the Congress and the BJP were surprised with them. Although BJP’s surprise is more of a shock, and congress’s pleasant but they had also not expected to do so well. Since the surprising Saturday all the political pundits are busy assessing the results and trying to give some explanation. I don’t know why BJP lost or Congress won [even the Congress is not sure how it won, then how can I be?], neither I have any explanation for it, but it is interesting to listen what others has to say. Continue reading “The Election Result-09”


I have come across so many people who are hypocrites.What makes a person become a hypocrite?I am sure there are many people who have come across at least seven to nine people who are hypocrites.I want to know what is it that makes a person become a hypocrite?Is it natural for some people to have a dual nature?Or is it something that develops due to an inferiority complex ? What? Continue reading “HYPOCRITES”

Who Will be the PM?

For quite some time now the media was speculating that Mr. Nitish Kumar will leave the NDA and go with the UPA. Although he himself kept on asserting that he is with the NDA, media remained unfazed. Congress was also trying to woo him by again and again praising his good work and calling him on his secular credentials. It was only after the NDA rally in Punjab where he and Mr. Modi alongwith other NDA Chief Ministers shared the same stage, that the two stopped. Continue reading “Who Will be the PM?”


Equality means so many different things to different people. If one observes there are so many issues that come up with equality.What I want to talk about today is the basic fundamental idea of equality.Equality among human beings.The fact that all human beings are equal no matter what country they belong to , no matter what colour their skin is ,no matter what their religion ,caste or creed is.For so many years we have had seen white supremacy.Can we actually call a person superior because of the complexion of the skin he or she has?For many years the answer was yes.But now we see that people do not actually believe it to be like that.Barack H Obama being the president of the United States Of America says a lot about people’s mentality on the issue. Continue reading “A THOUGHT ON EQUALITY”

General Elections 2009

With today’s poling general elections for the 15th Lok Sabha are over [don’t know why they are called general elections, when nothing is general in them]. One last and perhaps the most important development will take place on 16th may when the results will be declared. Everyone wrote a lot about the elections; so much talking was done about the campaigning; all time favourite Mr. Modi, the new emergent Varun Gandhi the routine stuff and some rare as well. So let us also do some talking on the elections. Continue reading “General Elections 2009”

Advani Code III

In the month of July, UPA government was on a brink of fall. After the left withdrew support it went through the vote of confidence. Just 2 months back it seemed that the country will have the next general elections sooner than expected. But the government somehow managed the required numbers and survived. However sooner or later, the country is bound to go for elections which are not very far. The bugle for the campaign had already been blown by the BJP and under the supervision of the old fox Advani they are moving with a good pace.

Continue reading “Advani Code III”

Rahul Gandhi-Discovering India

Sometime back Rahul Gandhi the gen-next politician from the Gandhi kin started with his ‘Discovery of India’ voyage. The day he began with his journey the media and the political circle began their scrutinizing and in no time it became talk of the tinsel-town. From political pundits to columnists, from blogs to newspapers everyone talked about his trip and they found the whole exercise pointless.

Continue reading “Rahul Gandhi-Discovering India”

Who will win, Popular Belief or Nationalism?

The battle for the American presidential crown will begin soon. Every day all the prospective candidates begin with their tasks of wooing the voters in order to win the candidacy of their respective parties. Whenever there is any news about the primaries, all the lime light is generally hogged by the two democrat candidates Mr. Barack Obama or Mrs. Hilary Clinton. This is the first time that the competition for the candidature is between a woman and a black man. I don’t know if it is because of this reason that the two are getting such huge amount of media coverage, but sometimes it seems that this US Presidential election is not between democrats and republicans, but between the two democrats itself.

Continue reading “Who will win, Popular Belief or Nationalism?”

Agenda-2009, perhaps 08

After BJP, now the NDA has put their seal on Advani’s name. Officially he is the Prime ministerial candidate of NDA, and if put in power, we will see this old man as our next PM. During the declaration they also talked about a national agenda of which good governance, development and internal security will be the founding stones.

Continue reading “Agenda-2009, perhaps 08”