Surviving the Work Place . . . Look Buzy – Take it Easy !!!

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Once you are out of college, you begin with a new chapter of life, initially everyone is excited about it, thinking about the money and stuff. But sooner than later everyone starts fighting a war of survival, which is not easy to win. So there are few basic things to be kept in mind with which you can adapt to those difficult times to survive; follow these, and your life will be much easier. Continue reading “Surviving the Work Place . . . Look Buzy – Take it Easy !!!”

Management and Ramayana II

Being a management student we are expected to read management books and what the modern day management gurus has to say. Although I don’t have a long list of management books I’ve read to boast about or huge number of gurus I’ve listened to, but till date I have not found one book which is full of management lessons as much as in Ramayana. Continue reading “Management and Ramayana II”

Business in Changing World

We are in a dynamic ever-changing world, in which people, organizations and businesses live, adapt, evolve and survive. The meager existence of change is the reason why the mankind has progressed to such heights. Had it not been our adaptability and acceptance to change who knows we would still be living in the Stone Age. Continue reading “Business in Changing World”

Kinds of Customers

Every market has different types of customers and each new product or service launched, depends highly on the type of market for its success. Not just the demand by the customers ascertain the fate of new entity but also the class to which majority of buyers belong to. There are five categories in which the customers can be classified into:

Continue reading “Kinds of Customers”