The Hijack Hue and Cry!!!

On 24th December 1999, Indian Airlines flight IC-814 was hijacked by Pakistani terrorists. After 8 days of suffering 3 dreaded terrorists were released in exchange of 166 hostages. Whenever the BJP talks about the UPA government’s failure in tackling terrorism and internal security, this ghost of Christmas past comes to haunt them.

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Mumbai Mayhem Phase I & II

The recent Mumbai terrorist attack was by any means one of the worst which we have faced. All the dead and injured tells the complete story of the attack. The whole world saw the 3 day encounter live on their televisions. The entire country mourned as the security personnel bravely fought. A lot of talking is currently on about the incident. Lots of blame games are played and too many conclusions are been drawn. But one thing which everyone agrees to, it was a total failure on our part. Yes it was and it still is.

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