Sea is Salty!! Air is Cool & Dry!!

After so many days I felt like writing, probably this is my second post after getting into job stuff. People says “ naukri wale logo ki zindagi badi confined rehti hai, week days (9 to 5) and on week end total aaram “.I agree to it but partially, as I like to move out of confinement and that is why on most of the weekends I never stayed at home. It’s been six long months since I joined this organization said to be an MNC and I never realized how fast time travels. I felt couple of times to write on my training program but never got time to materialize my thoughts. Continue reading “Sea is Salty!! Air is Cool & Dry!!”

Just Make It Simple!!!

After a long time I got some thing to write on, thanks to all the changes that occurred in my life in last 15 days or so. The enjoyment of my life was at its peak [and when u have reached the top, u have nowhere to go but to come down], it was sudden pat from god and within no time, like my other friends I was on 9 to 5 schedule. The very day I realized the importance of my freedom, I was sad but same time astonished to see the happiness of people around me. The reason was of course the “JOB”.  Any ways I shouldn’t really criticize at this point of time for it was hell more than a good break for me. Continue reading “Just Make It Simple!!!”

Phrases Of The Past

After quiet a long time I got some thing to write on, generally I love to write something practical. Also you need to be bit care full as you might be knowing to what happened to one of the prominent writers of this blog. Any how this time I will be talking about famous phrases that has been used from centuries till now and there context/ relevance in this materialism spreaded all over. It was a discussion over my career [as u got to be checking your contacts for back up , placement season is on ] then suddenly there was shift over how things are proceeding these days , not for a particular category but for all . Since our childhood we have been listening number of phrases which our elders asks us to apply in our daily life but now its time question yourself [ do they really apply today?] ,basically there is need to reevaluate and modify such phrases . These phrases formed the core of discussion. Continue reading “Phrases Of The Past”

Misleading Realities

times it happens that you are very confused , you tend to go for things you are very sure of but second voice of your inner conscience obstructs your way. Same is going on with me from last couple of days. Pursuing MBA is not difficult , I ‘d rather say easy if one gets the trick early [Look busy, take it easy!!!] but the future beyond is very uncertain. People around me were busy making their groups for their respective fields [Marketing , Finance, HR] as if they know what they have to select for their future, unlike me as my mind was playing Sea saw between Marketing & HR. Continue reading “Misleading Realities”

War a Solution ?

Almost a month has passed when , entire country witnessed the most severe and dramatic terrorist attacks in recent times . This time, pressure built in by media resulted in number of good events as Honorable  Home Minister Mr. Shivraj Patil[good for nothing] resigned , CP and DGP  Maharashtra face the heat, loopholes of lack of coordination  between IB, RAW [ both political spies, no one has time to work for country] went public and still one can listen new proceedings daily. The common man hopes, that this time some fixed solution to terrorism might occur and the reasons are right to some extent. News channels are continuously blowing air to keep the fire lighted. It was yesterday when I heard another of such effort , when a news channel gave a hint war can be way out of the world economic crisis . For such statement the channel gave a solid example from the past , the great depression of early 19th century was recovered by World War I .  Increase in military activities across the Indo-Pak border is no hidden secret and at this time such a statement can prove to be a boon ,not for countries involved but to the world .

Continue reading “War a Solution ?”