Deccan Chargers: From Rags to Riches

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So the old Procrastinator is back, If you do not remember me, then I shall redirect you to my last post. Well I am not here to talk about myself, as the title suggest, I am going to analyze story of Deccan Chargers from here on in my post they will be known as AC/DC( One Very good friend of mine named them Aussie Chargers). So AC/DC completed a perfect turnaround from last years tourney(IPL08 famous for the infamous slap gate). If any of you are by chance suffering from STML(Short Term Memory Loss, All Credit to Ghajjini Bhaisaab) Last year AC/DC finished last with Wooden Spoon in hand and this year they won it fair and square, Fair and Square with as much as 3 Aussies in line up (Gilli The Monk, Roy The Trouble Kid and Lesser known Harris and to add icing on cake Gibbs who did not tour India coz he was to be inquired By our own Delhi Police in Match Fixing Case) is a highly improbable thing but lets do not touch it right now.

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The Great Writer’s Bloc

Well, Here i am sitting in front of my wide screen Samsung monitor, logged into my Editor account at Zhagdoo. Thinking that do i deserve to be an editor? no post for almost a year “My last was dated 9 February 2008” Talking about then hot issue Racism. Go give it a read Are Indians Racist. Continue reading “The Great Writer’s Bloc”

Are Indians Racist???

It has been almost a week since whole drama surrounding bhaji’s racial abuse has turned into a fisaco, the ace indian spinner escaping serious punishment by proofing that he never said anything racial to Mr. Andrew Symonds aka Roy, though Bhaji claimed he abused him, well i have already discussed this issue in my previous post “cricket BADBOYSContinue reading “Are Indians Racist???”


During the days of my Graduation, i was living away from home and in my college campus in suburbs of a small city in Uttar Pradesh. My college a Christian minority institute was located in a densely populated Muslim town, with a population of approximately 8000 students from each corner of this grand subcontinent, mine institute was the main source of living for the local Muslim and non muslim population. Continue reading “NOT OUR NATION”

Religion For Mankind

We Indians are living in a state where religion always draw some forbidden lines, it has been creating barriers within the people, post 92 era has seen unmatched tension between muslim and hindu clergy. Operation Blue Star in golden temple saw murder of then prime minister Indira Gandhi and what followed is known by every sikh, but here i am not writing about how religion is causing arguments and anger to develop what i am about to write is a very pleasing truth.
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In the recent days Indian media both electronic and print have been showing, how an American citizen Sunita Williams made a record breaking stay at international space center, media was constantly increasing it number of followers by repeatedly reporting that how difficult it was for the ship Atlantis on earth and how prayer of million Indian families made that space ship finally land on earth. NASA may not agree Continue reading “MADE IN INDIA??”