Shiv Puran and Big Bang

Don’t know how many of you actually remember your science lesson about the Big Bang Theory and the formation of Earth or about the origin of life for that matter. I certainly don’t. I don’t even remember paying any attention when the teacher actually taught it. But I do remember listening to the Shiv Puran lesson this Dussehra, and as promised its time for some enlightenment. Continue reading “Shiv Puran and Big Bang”

The Beginning. . .

It’s been really long since I wrote something [won’t say meaning full here; what I write is hardly meaning full]. Instead of the last desperate attempt to get my head in order, things just don’t seem to be falling in line. So this time I decided to go with the flow without thinking what the outcome will be like [you know something is always better then nothing]. Its not that during this period of silence I did not tried anything. I tried, I tried a lot of things and few even came close of becoming a post, but to my dismay and god know whose delight, end result was unpublished incomplete drafts.   Continue reading “The Beginning. . .”

Management and Ramayana II

Being a management student we are expected to read management books and what the modern day management gurus has to say. Although I don’t have a long list of management books I’ve read to boast about or huge number of gurus I’ve listened to, but till date I have not found one book which is full of management lessons as much as in Ramayana. Continue reading “Management and Ramayana II”

Proof of Life!!!

United Nations recently declared the birth day of Mahatma Gandhi as the international non violence day. From this year onwards 2nd October will no longer be only a Bharatiya holiday, but it will also remind the world of the principals for which the whole mankind should stand, the direction in which everyone should work and the ultimate goal which we all long to attain; non violence.

Continue reading “Proof of Life!!!”