A new beginnig…

Its 2 O’clock at night and I have nothing to write or say. 29th July was my last post and since then for almost 4 months I am drawing a blank when it comes to writing. Not that nothing interesting has happened, in this otherwise oh so boring life, but I don’t know why the need to write which was once there has somewhat died. Guess this is what a year of working does to your hobbies and interests. Anything which does not need any kind of effort from me is what the only thing now I do and that is to lie on the couch and watch television.  Continue reading “A new beginnig…”

Lets hope it do. . .

I never thought I would see the light of this day. On 14th of this month, I officially completed my first year of full time working. This was the year in which I did nothing else, but work. Although I had thought of writing this post earlier many times, but typing down something about which you are not clear about, is not easy. I am not sure, if finishing the college has been a high point of my life or not? Because most of the times I am upset rather than being happy. Continue reading “Lets hope it do. . .”

Sea is Salty!! Air is Cool & Dry!!

After so many days I felt like writing, probably this is my second post after getting into job stuff. People says “ naukri wale logo ki zindagi badi confined rehti hai, week days (9 to 5) and on week end total aaram “.I agree to it but partially, as I like to move out of confinement and that is why on most of the weekends I never stayed at home. It’s been six long months since I joined this organization said to be an MNC and I never realized how fast time travels. I felt couple of times to write on my training program but never got time to materialize my thoughts. Continue reading “Sea is Salty!! Air is Cool & Dry!!”

All back to normal, allll isz well!!!

Came Friday the 12th and went by; Sharukh’s ‘My Name is Khan’ released with pack houses and a big smile on his face. No interruption from Shiv Sena, praise for the Maharashtra CM and of course big grin on all the anti Thakrey communities on facebook, orkut, myspace. Continue reading “All back to normal, allll isz well!!!”

The Day I was Plagiarized

In July 2008, our college gave us a simple assignment of management lessons from our ancient scriptures; I wrote about Ramayana. Although the assignment was never submitted but it got published here, as Management and Ramayana.  The post became popular and on Google it was once the top result. Continue reading “The Day I was Plagiarized”

Something I Don’t Understand

Top most restaurants and food chains promising taste and quality for money when it comes to food is almost set in every second street of a city. But I guess no one would have been spared of being victim of food poisoning and stomach troubles after having food even from a reputed and popular food chain. Continue reading “Something I Don’t Understand”


I have come across so many people who are hypocrites.What makes a person become a hypocrite?I am sure there are many people who have come across at least seven to nine people who are hypocrites.I want to know what is it that makes a person become a hypocrite?Is it natural for some people to have a dual nature?Or is it something that develops due to an inferiority complex ? What? Continue reading “HYPOCRITES”


Life is like a roller coaster.u sit in it and see the world differently from different angles.When its smooth u feel as if its going great and u enjoy it, but the moment it takes turns,u feel life’s going haywire and get scared.you want that moment to disappear , to let things come back to their normal self.But it takes time…it takes time for the coaster to come back to its position or should i say for the life to get eased up.the most important aspect of it is to remember the law of gravity; whatever goes up comes down.Likewise our life is also full of up and down swings.We need to be patient and persistent in our actions , without letting go of our faith in god, and believe me ;things do take shape.

We should be ready to accept troubles and happiness with the same ease and pleasure.at times I used to feel what is the purpose of living.And one day i realised that since god chose us to become human beings and gave this beautiful gift called life to us, he thinks that u r the Chosen one! so we must take extra care of this pure,delicate and precious gift gifted to us by the Almighty.

In the end I would just like to thank god for bringing me into this beautiful(ok a real bad) world and giving me the realtionships i  treasure.

I Love Delhi. . .

Some one has rightly said,”It is easier to criticize a thousand things than to appreciate a single thing”, and this adage is more than proved when people are asked for their opinion(s) about Delhi. Their responses range from lambasting the city on its unsafe conditions, to (de)crediting it with being the crime capital of India, from ridiculing it for being an epitome of Red Tapism and bureaucratic delays, to publicizing its maximum rudeness quotient and severe lack of patience amongst its denizens and finally from predicting its explosion on account of its crumbling infrastructure to impugning its people for their devil-may-care attitude! Indeed, but isn’t this true of other cities as well? Then why blame Delhi?

Continue reading “I Love Delhi. . .”