B-Schools and Lappy’s

When I first get to know about the B school culture I was in eleventh standard [that was around the end of 2002] and I was amused to know that IIPM was giving a free laptop to every student. Thought of a student carrying personal laptop was astonishing [as in my opinion then, only successful professionals and doctors carried one. Dad got his first in October 2002 and my maternal uncle is an IT entrepreneur]. I never understood what these ‘would be’ managers will be doing with theirs?

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Outta Big Boss!!!

When you do something for a very long time you become immune to it. This is what happens with all the students [atleast it happened with me]. After giving exams for some what 15 years, I got used to them. I stopped worrying about them, I stopped thinking about them. The date-sheets lost their meaning; they lost the zeal and became a routine.

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MarkFest 08!!!

He just asked the students sitting in the row ahead of mine to close their books. Tau [tau, literally meaning paternal side uncle, finds a versatile use in the northern India, in this case a senior of our college who I suppose will receive dual degree; one masters in business administration and other masters in sycophancy] is now standing [on our heads], pointing out students with open books, laptops or those talking. Well this is no exam going in which ‘Tau’ is playing the invigilator; this is Markfest-08 aka marketing meet.

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