Courts going ‘DODO’

Judiciary is an important pillar of democracy. Not only it provides people with justice, but also keeps a check on legislature and off course executive. It is the last place people look to for justice and for being heard. 

Of lately judiciary has become a little overactive and some excuse it of even encroaching the work fields of legislature and execution wing too [the courts are not able to complete their part of the job, the millions pending cases, i don’t understand why are they so game in doing other’s]. But let us not start the great debate of overactive judiciary, and restrict ourselves to the recent developments which took place, in which courts were involved.

Recently Supreme Court made a very strong statement about Hindu marriage act. It said that the act has broken more homes than building. This was in reference to the increasing number of divorce cases. Well undoubtedly the number of divorce has shot up drastically, but saying that this is because of the Hindu marriage act is very unfair. Somebody please ask the esteemed Supreme Court, if two people are fighting among themselves then how is law responsible for it? Moreover is number of divorce cases more than the number of successful marriages? If no, then how come the act has broken more homes than building them? I fail to understand under whose or rather under which influence did the honourable court said this?

Then in another case one of the courts asked an alleged thief to change his name. Well the accused in question here is a man named Jawaharlal Nehru. The court said how dare he keep his name as Jawaharlal Nehru? Nehru was an honourable, honest first Prime Minister of our country. The thief has insulted the first Prime Minister [by having his name] and hence he should change his name. Now this is what I call out of the box thinking. Such a bright suggestion the court has given to us all. This could even set a trend, every man proven to be guilty and whose name is after some great man or some God for that matter will be sentenced suitable punishment alongwith a new name, which would not be after any God, great leader, social worker, sportsmen, businessman, Bollywood actor/actress [and the list continues].

The above two examples is just a meagre glimpse of the intelligence of our courts. I guess the burden on the courts [due to the millions of lined up cases] is exorbitant, because nothing else explains their ‘intelligent’ recommendations and statements. If any concerned authority read this, then please instead of the current 2 months break please give them a 12 month break to think what they are saying. Because in senses like these only God can save us from the judgements which they make, as once a judgement is made then nothing can be done then [as even the supreme court has gone dodo, so no point in appealing and things might get uglier, as higher the court more ‘intelligent’ and ‘experienced it is]. Although there are many loop holes in our judicial system, but still people have not lost faith in it completely, but with talks like these very soon the remaining faith will also be lost. 

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