IPL: Is it worth a watch

Let me start of by saying that I don’t like watching cricket. I’m too impatient to spend my whole day or even worse, five days, in watching a match which is more or less the same throughout. Bowlers coming in and bowling, batsmen either hitting or getting out. It gets even worse when the batsmen are not hitting and not getting out either. The best part of a cricket match is last five minutes when you know it’s about to end and you know whose going to win or it can go either way. But no matter what’s going on, if Sachin Tendulkar is batting, I’ll watch it. I like watching Formula 1 races, or a Tennis match (if the player in it are the ones I support) or football (same story here, if I like the team or the club). These sports are not going to waste my whole day, they are full of excitement and the game can shift in an instant. Continue reading “IPL: Is it worth a watch”