That long forgotten feeling of Security!!!

One after another 3 bomb blasts rocked Mumbai in a matter of dozen minutes. Another sad day, which took away 18 lives so far and left many undead, another anniversary to mourn, another candle march to observe; just another day in the life of Bharatiyas. Continue reading “That long forgotten feeling of Security!!!”

Mumbai Mayhem Phase III; The Aftermath!

One certain thing about the Mumbai Nariman House [home to a Jewish organization] terrorist attack, it was due to the hatred against Jews. It was not spontaneous killing, but a pre planned attack. Had the sole aim of terrorists was to kill Jews; they would have done it in any country with substantial Jewish population. With the Jew killing in India, various countries all of a sudden woke up to the idea of terrorist organizations operating from Pakistani soil. This is the first time that the US is directly pressurizing Pakistan to check the terrorist outfits operating from there. But then why the terrorist will do something that will cause problem to Pakistani government?

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