Life in Mauritius…

Travelling is all about getting the feel of the place, more about living the experience. Not just visiting the so called ‘tourist attractions’. When you are there, everywhere is a tourist attraction, you just need to start looking for it. The first step is to get out of the rented cars and cabs, and get in the local mode of transport, one which the people uses, because unless you live the life the way they do, you cannot live the actual experience the way it is. So on my way back from Sky Dive Austral, I took a bus to Port Louis. Continue reading “Life in Mauritius…”

Sky Diving at Mauritius. . .

I personally feel Bharat is one of the best tourist destinations in the world. There are deserts, mountains, jungles, rivers, beaches; then there is heritage, culture and history. There is everything, it truly is Incredible India, but there is one thing missing, hospitality! Yeah yeah, we believe in ‘Atithi Devobhav’, but do we really? The worst thing while travelling in India is interacting and coming across, rude, uncooperative and of course cheating Indians. Continue reading “Sky Diving at Mauritius. . .”

Mauritius Trip- I

ъглови легла с ракла

For past two hours I am staring in blank, tried ‘n’ number of different ways to write it; but my mind completely deprived of any thought would not let me. It is already 3 at night in India, and my brain functioning hours have long been over [time at night during which my brain activity is at its peak, if you don’t know about it then read ‘The Odd Hour Affair’] and still there isn’t any sign of improvement. I guess this is what serene natural beauty dos to you. Continue reading “Mauritius Trip- I”