You can put the blame on Diwali

In India, it’s in vogue to condemn every and any religious practice. I am not saying religion is above reproach or everything religious is good. But everything associated with religion and religious sentiments of people is bad, responsible for all evil is also not justified.

Screen Shot 2016-11-04 at 1.35.32 pmAlright, so it is that time again, putting a status, because FB keeps asking me what’s on your mind, and since Wednesday something is bugging me (well it started as an FB post, but then it got little too big to be put as a status, so here I am). Continue reading “You can put the blame on Diwali”

Reality Check #OddEvenFormula

Although the patient died on operation table but the good thing is we can now harvest its body parts for other’s treatment, so lets kill few more

On 15th January #OddEvenFormula ended and with lot of pomp and show the CM declared it successful in bringing down the pollution. Lot of news channels hailed it as a revolutionary step and scores of them trying to showcase public mood said people are all game for it and are happy with this step. The CM declared a public meeting in Chattrasal Stadium to thank Delhiites for participating in it and making it successful (what happened in that public meeting and how all attention all of a sudden from #OddEvenFormula shifted to #CowardBJP #KejriinDanger is another story). Continue reading “Reality Check #OddEvenFormula”


For every world-class city with harsh vehicle control measures you quote, each one of them boasts of an equally world-class public transport system. The day public transport becomes reliable, approachable and usable people will voluntarily give up their vehicles for travelling. For using public transport right now is nothing less than winning a war, and nobody wants to fight one daily.

Delhi MetroCome 1st January 2016 and Delhi’s traffic and pollution woes will be over. After successful implementation and tremendous results in Beijing, AAP ki Sarkar has decided to implement #oddevenformula for traffic rationing in Delhi. For meager mortals who still do not know, as per this formula cars with odd number will be driven on odd dates and even number plates will move on even dates. Logic of AAP ki Sarkar, number of vehicles will be halved hence pollution will be halved. Continue reading “#oddevenformula”

Where is Independence?

When America won war of Independence from British, George Washington was faced with a pertinent question; ‘How to run the country?’ to which he came up with a simple answer, we will do everything opposite to what British did. Nehru-Gandhi faced the same question in 1947 to which they came up with a simpler answer we will continue to do what British did.

This Independence day, I saw a short film featuring actors Manoj Bajpayee and Ravina Tandon. For those of you who missed it, a helpless husband in a road accident trying to save his wife enters a restaurant full of foreigners, where the manager and staff beats him up and throws him out. Outside the restaurant reads a sign ‘Dogs and Indians are not allowed’, a message what life would have been, if we were still British colony. Then it shows they are being welcomed and treated like king in same restaurant because we are living in Independent India. If this is all independence is about, then I guess money has a huge role to play in it, because if a street poor today trying to save his wife in a road accident enters a restaurant and behaves the way Bajpayee did, then his fate wont be different from Bajpayee’s. Where is independence in it? Continue reading “Where is Independence?”

An eye for an eye doesn’t leave the whole world blind!!!

People argue against death penalty while sitting in plush restaurants sipping expensive wine and savouring on their favourite CHICKEN TIKKA (irony dies a slow death here). I am not against non-vegetarianism; I myself every now and then enjoy my butter chicken. Nor am I saying killing human is equivalent to killing a chicken or lamb or goat for that matter; but why not?

On 30th July 2015, at the age of 53 Yakub Memon was hanged amidst a lot of brooha; the hanging stirred an age-old debate, a debate about whether death penalty should be there; add to it this time if death penalty of Yakub Memon was nothing but a political agenda of a radical government, specifically targeting Muslims.

First things first as it reminded me of a debate on euthanasia and death penalty during my college and rest other politically correct topic in another post. Continue reading “An eye for an eye doesn’t leave the whole world blind!!!”

Stop IT!!! For the love of God

What is their area of expertise? Are they economists, science genius, learned intellects, masters of history, what are they? They are nobody except a lot with the privilege of sitting in front of camera, access to millions of household televisions, and an opinion on anything and everything. Plato said ‘Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something’.

Statutory warning: Whenever I see the 24X7, blah blah news channels I get pissed off; ‘dimag ka dahi ho jata hai’ (to put it in more elegant words of one of my cousin); this post is a result of one such dahi. Although to prevent the dahi incidents, I don’t watch new channels anymore, but now you have them blabbering on Twitter as well.  Continue reading “Stop IT!!! For the love of God”

AAP – Aam Avenger’s Party

AAP is not a political party; it is not a gang of anarchists as well (no matter how much pride Mr. Arvind Kejriwal may take in claiming himself to be one), but it’s a band of superheroes, who have put aside their egos, personal differences and come together to fight for justice and greater good. This is Aam Avengers Party, out there to save the country or the Congress (I am not sure to whom their loyalty is) and if they can’t save it, then they sure will avenge it.

Before I start writing, the credit for this post goes to @attomeybharti, a parody account of AAP leader Mr. Somnath Bharti on twitter. The day Somath Bharti went onto his midnight escapade of saving the city and breaking the law, first thought in mind was, aila Delhi superhero, and I guess with that same thought, @attomeybharti made Somnath Bharti ‘aam Batman’ on Twitter.  Continue reading “AAP – Aam Avenger’s Party”

No Ulloo Banaowing !!!

That is another case that for 12 years, Rakhi Sawant of Indian Journalism Barkha Dutt and drama queen Sagarika Ghosh with her husband Rajdeep Sardesai had made a personal mission of defeating monstrous Modi to save the bholi-bhali Indian janta.

The moment results of general elections 2014 were declared on 16th May, the whole country was surprised and whole media with political parties (of NDA and UPA alike) were shocked. It was an unprecedented victory for the BJP and no one had expected it to be of such magnitude. Since then lot of people have wrote and spoken a lot about the result. Why BJP won? How BJP won? Which didn’t make much sense to me, and now with the first 100 days of the government complete in the office, which mostly have rated as good, everyone is still talking the same things which are still not making any sense.  Continue reading “No Ulloo Banaowing !!!”

Candy Crush and Kejri Crush Saga

There are two things, right now from which I am tired and, if not all then perhaps most of you will be as well; invite to play ‘Candy Crush Saga’ and Arvind Kejriwal’s continuous rant about BJP’s conspiracy against him and his fellow party men. Continue reading “Candy Crush and Kejri Crush Saga”

That long forgotten feeling of Security!!!

One after another 3 bomb blasts rocked Mumbai in a matter of dozen minutes. Another sad day, which took away 18 lives so far and left many undead, another anniversary to mourn, another candle march to observe; just another day in the life of Bharatiyas. Continue reading “That long forgotten feeling of Security!!!”

Where is Swami Ramdev?

Since Swami Ramdev started appearing on television, teaching yoga in his own style and preaching masses, one thing has been his style statement; being awfully vocal. He has opinion on everything and he never hesitated in airing them. He preached and commented not only on medicine, Ayurveda or Yoga; but also on corruption, nation building, democracy and everything else. This sometime drew sharp criticism, even mockery and contempt from the so-called intelligentsia. It made him joke of the day and more often than not took away the gravity of the situation. Then again this is a part of his personality, a piece of his charisma and you can’t separate it from him; or just because of this one habit of being loud you can’t undermine the good things he talk about; things that makes absolute sense, things which are for greater good and things which are need of the hour. Continue reading “Where is Swami Ramdev?”

We, Forgiving and Forgetting Indians!!!

3 years ago our company launched a product, since then it is facing some major quality and service issues and has nearly bombed in the market. This year with some significant changes in it we are trying to revive it; last week I was discussing with few of our major distributors about it. They were complaining about the bad performance, service and blah blah and were not ready to give it another shot. One of our regional managers then said “India mein toh logon ko bhoolna ka shauk, poorani batein bhool jayo” (in India people are fond of forgetting things, forget about past experiences); forgetting and forgiving is one of the major common traits that we Indians share. Continue reading “We, Forgiving and Forgetting Indians!!!”

Knowing Babanomics…

In my last post the point of contention was simple, was or was not the action during midnight on peacefully protesting, sleeping and innocent Bharatiyas by the government wrong? May be Swami Ramdev is not that innocent as he claims, may be his demands are naïve and his methods wrong; but what happened on Saturday night was wrong, brutal and for that the government and those in power should be held accountable. Continue reading “Knowing Babanomics…”

The joke is on us. . .

I still remember talking with a friend, after I watched the hit movie ‘Rang De Basanti’ [starring Aamir Khan] about why I didn’t like the movie. The point of my debate was, in a democracy like Bharat, hurting innocent sitting on peaceful protest and killing them by declaring them terrorist does not happen. We are not living under the British rule, and a democratic government should not and could not pull anything like this. Today I stand corrected, it happens and it happens in world’s largest democracy, India. Continue reading “The joke is on us. . .”

Hoist the Colours High!!!

It is a bit relaxed in the office today, as all the bosses has gone to company’s factory to mark its annual day. Anyways that’s not the point why I am writing this, it certainly is the point why I am writing this at this hour. A friend in the morning told me that BJP has gone crazy; just for meagre political gains they are disrupting peace in the country. Congress is doing right in arresting and stopping. You know BJP want to hoist the Tricolour at Lal Chowk in Srinagar on the Republic Day. Continue reading “Hoist the Colours High!!!”