The Hangover

hangoverSince I heard about ‘The Hangover’ I wanted to watch it; but as luck would have it I finally got a chance this Friday. Going by the kind of business the movie is doing [the theatre was full even in the third week in India and that too on Friday, with many other releases] am sure most of you must have seen it and if you are still waiting, then its high time now.

It is the story of four friends Phil [Bradley Cooper], Stu [Ed Helms], Doug [Justin Bartha] and Allan [Zach Galifianakis] who are in Vegas, having a bachelor’s party because Doug is getting married. After a wild night, Doug is missing and so is Stu’s teeth, there is a baby in their room, a tiger and none remember what happened. Now the three begins the hunt for Doug [who is getting married tomorrow] by tracking their night escapades and in the process they come across a Chinese gangster, a striper Jade [Heather Graham] who is married to Stu and none other then Mike Tyson.

Todd Phillips earlier movie ‘Old School’ was subtle, hilarious and I liked it. Same goes for The Hangover. The movie is moving swiftly with a good pace and on route it makes you laugh. The direction is apt and so is the sense of humor with a great timing.

All the actors have done a good job but let me make it clear, had it not been to Zach, the movie would have lost half of its charm. Justin Bartha has very little to do as he is missing in the entire movie. So is Heather Graham making just a few cameos. Also her character is a little flimsy, as why she falls for Stu has not been explained. She definitely deserved more screen space, which I believe was cut in order to make it a male bonding movie. But then there are always some fall backs.

All in all it’s a good, humorous movie about friendship, alcohol and Vegas.

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