Is it correct to have a set opinion on people and things? For example people thinking that people from a certain area would behave in a certain way . Not just an area . Be it Religion, class , caste .I do not think so .

It is very natural that people form a sort of opinion on what they have experienced.People do form an opinion on what they have experienced. But it is not correct to generalise people .I am saying this because I have seen exceptions .

Yeah to an extent it is true that people do have a typical characteristic associated with the Religion, caste , and for that matter the area that they belong to , but it is not necessary that they have only the negative characteristics in them .

People have their own individuality . These outer factors do not in any way affect a person . Yeah it does affect to a certain extent , but what type of a person a person is that factor is dependent on a person . A person is not what he is because of the things that he/she has learnt .A person is because that is what he wants to be .

I have often heard people saying things like he behaves or thinks that way because he is from that area , because he follows a certain religion or because he belongs to that caste and creed.

People have a mind to think for themselves . I have seen many people who have broken the traditions if they think that their tradition do not do any good . I have seen many people not carrying forward the tradition of taking dowry . There are many other people that I have seen who do not match to the very stereotypical notion that people have on them .

I do not know if I am making sense because I do not want to give examples here .

What I want to say is that people must not generalise .Yes to an extent it is true that people who belong to a certain Religion , caste or creed tend to behave in a certain way but people cannot generalise that this notion is going to hold true for every single person who belongs to that certain Religion , caste or creed.

It is very easy to generalise. But it is important to not have a set notion on things . People must look at a person as an individual not as a person who belongs to a ceratin religion caste or creed , class or area.

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