Advani Code IV- Secular Jinnah!

A friend of mine recently said Mr. Advani is a confused man, in context with his statements like ‘Babri was the saddest day of my life’ and ‘Jinnah was secular’. For all those who believe Mr. Advani is a confused man or whatever because of these statements then I would suggest them to read the ‘Advani Series’. He is by any far means one of the most successful politician of the country whose words hold a lot more than what meets the eyes.

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Advani Code III

In the month of July, UPA government was on a brink of fall. After the left withdrew support it went through the vote of confidence. Just 2 months back it seemed that the country will have the next general elections sooner than expected. But the government somehow managed the required numbers and survived. However sooner or later, the country is bound to go for elections which are not very far. The bugle for the campaign had already been blown by the BJP and under the supervision of the old fox Advani they are moving with a good pace.

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The Advani Code- This Time Wrong!!!

It’s almost 2 months to the launch of Mr. Advani’s memoir ‘My country My Life’ and in these two months almost every columnist has written his/her views about the book. I also wrote a basic review based upon my limited and brief overlook of the book. It was not based upon any thorough reading and analyzing and hence it was very elementary in nature. Two months down the line, today am in a much better position to talk about the book as I have almost finished ‘My country My life’.

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Advani- The Administrator?

Google ‘Advani Home Minister’ and five out of the top ten results say ‘Advani was the weakest home minister’. Although these results are the statement of one congress leader which was recently in the news about Mr. Advani’s stint as the home minister and hence do not show any popular belief or common perception, but I was a little surprised. Surprised as they did made an impact!

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The Advani Code II- Holi Visit

Last month NDA’s shadow Prime Minister, Mr. L.K. Advani on the morning of Holi went to the house of congress president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi on 10 Janpath. He met her and presented her with his recently launched autobiography ‘My Country My Life’. From there he directly went to the house of Prime Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh.

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The Advani Code

Gujarat elections are over and all the fuss which they created has almost died. The talks about Modi’s future role are on a hold for a time being. The debates on the statements which were made during the campaigning are over. The discussion on Advani’s statement ‘This is a turning point of Indian politics’ is lost somewhere. But this statement is very much here and still a lot can be talked about it.

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