The recent news about the issue on racism in Australia has actually got me thinking about racism in a broader perspective . The issue that has been raised cannot entirely be called a race issue .The issue is about plagiarism rather .It has been discovered that a great number of students from India,Bangladesh and Pakistan have copied their masters thesis to in the IT programme . The anger of the Australian people are justified . Continue reading “PLAGIARISM OR RACISM?”


I was just going through the articles on “The Times of India” on the late Rajmata Gayatri Devi . I went through her pictures where I got glimpse of the person that she was . There were many people commenting about her on her death . People had various opinions about the Rajmata and her death . I just happened to read a comment by a person , who has written that “what have we lost?” There were certain more things in the comment but the sentences that I would like to highlight are – “What have we lost?…….She has lived well………Has she done anything for the society ? Many middle class women are much better than her balancing their career and housework . ” Continue reading “RAJMATA GAYATRI DEVI”


Thinking about the status of women , I do not know why people think that women are inferior to men . Men to a certain extent tend to think that women are inferior to them .What makes them think so ? What is it there in woman or about woman that make them inferior to men ? What infact do men have that they think that they are superior? Continue reading “SUPERIOR OR INFERIOR?”


Is it correct to have a set opinion on people and things? For example people thinking that people from a certain area would behave in a certain way . Not just an area . Be it Religion, class , caste .I do not think so . Continue reading “A WORD ON THE HABIT OF GENERALISING ON THINGS AND PEOPLE”


India has the highest population as compared to many other countries that we find in the world . The high population is a thing that India is trying to control . But ironically we see that in India sex is considered a taboo. People in India are not that open when it comes to talking about or discussing about sex. Continue reading “WHY IS SEX A TABOO IN INDIA?”


The mind can play so many games with a person.If a person does not have a disciplined mind things get very difficult for that person.It is the mind that makes everything operate.Just look around .The buildings ,the roads , the cars , everything are just the creations of the mind.The mind is such a strong thing and if trained it can become something so very beneficial for the person who has it.People know everything but still we find people unable to actually train and discipline the mind.My exposure to certain books like ” The Monk who sold his Ferrari ” has actually helped me to understand the fact that the mind if trained can do a lot of good.If a person has an indisciplined mind it becomes very difficult to control it later and it can actually create havoc . Continue reading “THE MIND”


I have come across so many people who are hypocrites.What makes a person become a hypocrite?I am sure there are many people who have come across at least seven to nine people who are hypocrites.I want to know what is it that makes a person become a hypocrite?Is it natural for some people to have a dual nature?Or is it something that develops due to an inferiority complex ? What? Continue reading “HYPOCRITES”