I get really very amazed when I get to hear of people who do not care about other things when it comes to money .

Let me take for example certain instances .People getting married for money . Well I am not talking about women here but the men . The men of the societies where the concept of Dowry is prevalent .

From what I have come to know there is no concept of love in these sort of marriages . Marriages to a great extent is just a business deal . I do not know how do these people think of being in a loveless relationship .

Is money that important? I have come across cases where women are burnt because they did not bring in enough dowry . I cannot accept that the people who burn these women are human .

Why do not the women belonging to these societies refuse to marry the men who demand dowry ? I know many people who belong to these societies and who accept things such as these to be a part of their culture . A thing that they have to accept . Why?

I think in this era people must do away with these shameful cultures.

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