Life is like a roller coaster.u sit in it and see the world differently from different angles.When its smooth u feel as if its going great and u enjoy it, but the moment it takes turns,u feel life’s going haywire and get want that moment to disappear , to let things come back to their normal self.But it takes time…it takes time for the coaster to come back to its position or should i say for the life to get eased up.the most important aspect of it is to remember the law of gravity; whatever goes up comes down.Likewise our life is also full of up and down swings.We need to be patient and persistent in our actions , without letting go of our faith in god, and believe me ;things do take shape.

We should be ready to accept troubles and happiness with the same ease and times I used to feel what is the purpose of living.And one day i realised that since god chose us to become human beings and gave this beautiful gift called life to us, he thinks that u r the Chosen one! so we must take extra care of this pure,delicate and precious gift gifted to us by the Almighty.

In the end I would just like to thank god for bringing me into this beautiful(ok a real bad) world and giving me the realtionships i  treasure.

2 thoughts on “gift”

  1. it sounded more Candid then a confession…Nice write up…
    Hope people start realizing that life is the most precious possession after reading the write up

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