Is it correct to send people away to old age homes ? Can you think of sending your grandparents or any close old people away to an old age home ?

Old age homes provides friends to old people and takes care of all the things that old people require . But I think that the most important thing that these old people require is love .

I do not think that just giving material comforts to these old people is sufficient to make them comfortable .

The old age homes in India are not as great as the old age homes that are in the west . The old age homes are much more advanced and a great lot comfortable in the west . But do this comfort mean anything if there is no love or affection from the givers side ? The care love affection , all these things are given to the old people in old age homes because the caretakers are paid for it.
The care and affection that an old person receives from his /her son and daughters is because they love them , and the service is not in any way similar .

I do not think that it is very good to send away people to old age homes . As long as the old people themselves do not want to go there they should not be sent to an old age homes .

There are many people whose children do not care for them .I think for these people going to an old age home is a great option . There is no point staying with people who care for them with a grudge.It is better that they get the care of the people who do not serve them with grudge on their minds .

I think the decision of going to old age homes must be left to these old people . People do not have to have a very large home to keep these old people with them All they have to have is a great heart and love for these great old people .

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