The Odd Hour Affair. . .

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post sitting at this hour of night [1:05 a.m.]. Initially many were born and brought up at the odd hours of night, but lately most of the writing was taking place in the day time only. Personally speaking, I like this time a lot, especially when I gotta write something. My affair with writing at night started when I was in 11th standard. At that time I used to write my practical files. Well practically it was copying from someone else’s file. As my mom never liked the idea of copying, doesn’t matter even if it was a practical file, so I used to write it at this hour when everyone was asleep.

But the practical file business only continued for two years, as during my college days I stopped writing it at night [not because I stopped copying, but because I came to know that my mom knew about it from the very beginning itself. Moreover our lecturer gave us time during the practicals itself to complete/copy them]. But that was the birth of a habit, and when I started writing blog; this old habit which was lost somewhere came out of nowhere.

Initially, no matter at what time I started, by the time I was done with writing, it was late at night. And frankly speaking most of the writing took place in the late hours only. Before that I was just sitting and staring at the blank screen. Why? If you will ask so.

I don’t think there is some specific reason. May be as it is very quite all around, nothing and no one to disturb and distract. But the same doesn’t goes during the day. No matter how much alone or free I am, the kind of thought process that works during the night never worked during the day for me.

But then it is said that at night the brain activity is much slower and duller as compared to day. And trust me this is true. While writing only, the number of spelling mistakes I make at night is far more than what I do during the day. This shows that brain activity is actually lesser, but my speed is almost double. Does that mean writing is an activity which requires a slow and dull mind? I don’t think so. Or is it really? I don’t know, you tell me. Should it be?

Now why the heck at this hour [1:45 a.m.] am I sitting on my laptop and writing stuff which is not at all making sense. Well because I slept for the whole day and I have already spent more than an hour on my bed trying to sleep. During that one hour I tried everything in book used for sleeping. I counted till I don’t know something over 2k. Also tried to read the most boring book I can find in the shelf [Satanic Verses]. Surfed through all the radio channels, But all in vain! Even made some grand plans about putting new categories and content on zhagdoo [like 6 to 9 on Saturday and the Sunday trip].

And finally now am here sitting with this laptop, ‘mera tanhayi ka sathi’ and scribing something, which haven’t made any sense, even till yet [generally by this time my posts starts making some sense]. Scribing also has been a big time hit among people. During my graduation days all the desks in our college were filled with phrases, shero-shayari and what not. The love of scribing among people is evident from the walls of men’s washroom in public places [but this some other time].

When I logged on, I saw three other people online at this odd hour and two other awake with their mobiles near them [oh I forgot to mention about my stint of smsing, as another desperate attempt to fell asleep. Out of all those whom I messaged two replied]. So I guess insomnia is quite common these days, as 3+2+1 makes a grand total of 6 insomniacs sitting with nothing much to do except killing time at this peculiar hour [2:00 a.m.]. Out of the five others, I talked to 2 of them [to one online and other by smsing, actually two by smsing but one didn’t replied after one message, good to know someone is finally sleeping] and asked them for some innovative ideas to fall asleep. But to my dismay [and don’t know whose delight] they had those old tried, tested and failed proposals only.

Just now someone switched on the light of my parents bed room too [is mom or dad also feeling insomniac?] I don’t think so. It is my mother who just woke up to find me sitting and staring at the computer screen at this unusual time [2:15 a.m.] and dude now am in real trouble. The first thing she is asking me is, if I’ve lost it completely or what? [I won’t tell her am insomniac right now as it will be an affirmative answer to her query], and now some advice to go to bed in the probable angry tone. So I guess this is the time I say goodbye to this nocturnal affair of mine right here only, or else I can be in trouble.

Good night and do tell me if you find any relation between being insomniac and writing at the night. Moreover if you have any innovative ways of killing time at this hour [2:30 a.m.] or some effective ways of getting into a good sleep then let me know them too.

16 thoughts on “The Odd Hour Affair. . .”

  1. You are right MATE as always
    Even me an insomniac it all started 5 years back when the SATAN set the eye on me and dont know where that sleep vanished
    Even Last night at the odd hours you are talking about i was awake and to add to my pity Mine Internet Connection went on a date so i was not spotted online, and then to just kill my precious time i saw my Fav. Movie Pirates Of The Carribean: DMC once again (the total for this part is now 45,Whole Pirates series will go above 100 For sure)
    So you can make that 6 insomniacs to 8 coz evn my brother accompanied me in my adventure of lastnight

  2. hehehe, welcome aboard pal…
    watching movie is a good option to kill time, but more often than not, others in the house also wake up due to this type of nocturnal activity, especially if you are in love wid some action or adventure pic with elaborate sound effects…

  3. You are right mate…
    Watching movies at late hours can hurt others
    But then we have a modern day marvel in digital Headphones
    A boon for creatures of night living with family;-)

  4. hmmm luks lyk tech savvy dude u r, cool!!!
    but still watching movie never gets one into sleep, infact one becomes more alert, but then who wants to sleep 😉

  5. yeah you are right mate.
    One gets alert and more alert when its your favorite movie.
    But Now i have given hope of sleeping early in night i tried to find a way fo 5 years but no gains, Finally now i don’t try to sleep, i utilize that time in anything

  6. hmm….vaibhav i guess u cn add one more coz its been arnd two weeks dat m feeling the same dfclty of sleep….bt ive found out a solution….i guess reading some textbook..i mean somethimg related to academics wl surely give u a good sleep….ar may be read something which hs no relation wd ur present study…may be a graduation book….hope it helps u…cz its dng good fr me

  7. hey lati [i hope u dnt mind me calin u lati], reading textbuks surely helps. bt u kno wt yaar? reading them is so stressfull [guess that explains everything about my grades], that i would rather be insomniac instead of reading them…lolz[:P]

  8. o yes no probs at all vaibhav….my frndz cl me by the same name….so il hv one more on mah list…..okay den here goes one more way for u….jus try it….wnevar u feel k yaar naaend ni aari types…jus decide in ur mind any religious mantra…lyk ‘om namah shivay’…or if u want anymore ask me….strt chanting it nd keep in mind k 108 times complete krna hai….the next mrng u wake up ul realize dat u cud nt complete the challenge or may be ul just do it…do try it nd lemme knw…..

  9. hmm this one soundz dfrnt… luks lyk sum1z a veteran in fighting insomnia…
    but wts wid d magical figure of 108[;)]??? point noted next tym wen am in such a trouble surely ‘ll try ur technique…i hope dis one wrks…

  10. mmmm…ds iz also smthng religious….xactly evn i dnt knw…bt u knw dat mala dat sum ppl use while chanting mantra , it usually hz got 108 beads….dere must be some reason behind it surely…il let u knw soon…have a gud sleep

  11. Though my comment has nothing to do with insomnia…and i have already stated how badly i am bitten with insomnia.
    My comment is regarding 108 beads, though there are many logic behind this 108 figure, i will list a few of them here:

    Harshad number: 108 is a Harshad number, which is an integer divisible by the sum of its digits (Harshad is from Sanskrit, and means “great joy”)
    Desires: There are said to be 108 earthly desires in mortals.
    Heart Chakra: The chakras are the intersections of energy lines, and there are said to be a total of 108 energy lines converging to form the heart chakra. One of them, sushumna leads to the crown chakra, and is said to be the path to Self-realization.
    Sanskrit alphabet: There are 54 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet. Each has masculine and feminine, shiva and shakti. 54 times 2 is 108.
    Pentagon: The angle formed by two adjacent lines in a pentagon equals 108 degrees.(pentagon has numerous references in Hindu Mythology:You can relate it to Chakravyu which was setup for Abhimanyu)
    Astrology: There are 12 constellations, and 9 arc segments called namshas or chandrakalas. 9 times 12 equals 108. Chandra is moon, and kalas are the divisions within a whole.
    River Ganga: The sacred River Ganga spans a longitude of 12 degrees (79 to 91), and a latitude of 9 degrees (22 to 31). 12 times 9 equals 108.

    There are many more instances where 108 is used…
    I also know few theories regarding calculation/origin of 108..
    I can post them if you people are intrested

  12. ultimate work shantanu, atlst sum1 made an effort dn hw ds it matter if it is frm a buk or net, knowledge is knowledge…..thanx fr all dat above nd i guess vaibhav let it be here only…..nd yes shantanu lukng frwrd to some more info frm ur syd….

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