Diwali Day!!!

First of all Happy Diwali!

I had started with this post yesterday, but I guess the writer’s bloc didn’t let me finish it in time, sorry for the delay. So how was your Diwali? Am sure it must be good and you had great time celebrating it, so did I. Diwali is an important Hindu festival and is celebrated almost all over the country with great enthusiasm.

Each and every festival has a different way of celebrating it. Diwali is the only festival on which you are busy like hell before the festival. Preparations start almost a week before the ‘D-day’. People decorate their houses; buy new clothes, sweets, gifts for everyone. Then starts the task of visiting friends, relatives, business associates and give them Diwali gifts. The amount of traffic on roads is huge. The whole process takes anywhere from 1-7 days, depending upon person to person. But on the final day apart from worshiping Goddess Lakshmi and bursting crackers there is nothing much to do.

Every other festival lives for that particular day. It is the one festival day, on which people are busy [e.g. you play Holi on Holi, on Dussehra you go to see Dussehra, on Rakhi again it is on the day of Rakhi]. But with Diwali the story is entirely different. On the final day if you are not bursting crackers then there is hardly anything for you to do. All the markets are closed in the evening, you can’t go out [moreover you don’t feel like going out in all the pollution caused by the crackers]. After a week long running from here to there, people prefer staying at home, hardly any visitors [besides you have already met everyone].

So in a nut shell if you are not bursting crackers or trying your luck at cards [I hear playing cards on diwali is a big time hit with many. This is one activity in which people indulge, hoping Goddess Lakshmi will smile on them] then most of you are bound to feel what next?

Well don’t look for any answers here, because frankly speaking I don’t have many [also the writer’s bloc am suffering from, is not letting me to think of any]. There are many ways to use this free time, and am sure you must have your own special method of killing time. And given the fact not many people have ‘free time’ [well actually yes, most people more often than not are cribbing about not having enough free time for themselves these days], you can put it to all the use you want to.

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