I’m here after such a long time that I feel like being stupid. Blogging is something I should have started earlier. Well what I’m sharing now is something that I had to get out.

Now a day, we are in final semester of our so called MBA, these one and a half year are gone just like that and now we are all set to become the Professionals. All I see around me are people worrying about getting jobs; getting placement is all I can feel is on their mind. And those who are already placed are even more worried, either to get out of it and leave it or get a new one. First, there was this struggle to get into a B-School then there’s the tension for placement. So is it really worth it, all that worrying and tension to get a job, ultimately which will result in even more worries and tension.

I’m not saying that we should not at all try to get a job. All that I want to say is that we should enjoy the college life while we still can. Good or Bad, Sooner or Later, we will get a job and go on living a life which will be governed by a boss and what will be left is to follow orders (a personal view what I’ve observed, I might be wrong, might be right). We’ll be so much caught up that, simple things that look such a waste of time today will look like so much fun that we’ll miss it.

People keep asking what I am doing now. People say that you should get a job real soon. Start working, it’s a beginning of a new era. You’ll enter a new life, what’s gone is gone. But what I say is we should enjoy life, have fun and go on live a life to the full while we still can. Now a days when I go to college and sit in the parking lot, or in canteen, enjoying the life, the faculty and my fellow classmates (except, for a few handful like me) gives us the stares asking what are you still doing here. Shouldn’t you be out there finding a job and not waste your time here. Well, I just want to say to them, is I’m doing those things, but side by side I want to take the time-out, enjoy life, and go to a gym while I still can. And one day I know I’ll get one good or bad doesn’t matter. But, in these few days I want to do what I want and not to worry much.

In the end all that I’m saying, is go out there have fun, do your work and enjoy life. These days are too small to waste and too few to worry on these small things. All we have to do is to find a balance between doing a job or finding one and living life. Well go out there enjoy life, do crazy stuff, and most important of all stop worrying, cause no matter what happens, life will take us somewhere good.