Life after death

Is there a Life after Death??? May sound interesting to those who like the discussion on mysteries and often think about another world of existence. Well, many of us do not believe about continual existence of life after death as it is said that life ends with the discontinuation of one’s physical existence on this planet. If given a deep thought we can find it true and supportive with facts as how can a human being continue living after death if his physical presence is no more present.

From ages this mystery has remain unrevealed but there are many real life experiences that signals about the subsistence of life after death. As far as we talk about the human bodies, death is bound to capture all of us one day but does that signals about the death of our spirit?? A dead person though present in his physical state is considered no more that means there is something missing in one’s existence which we call one’s soul or the spirit…

I personally believe in the idea of having life after death and support the belief that we continue to exist in some non physical form of consciousness. I firmly believe that human soul survives death and continues to live even after death. There are a number of books written on this topic but still this question does not have a convincing answer. People often laugh on the idea of rebirth and reincarnation but there are many religions that are complete based on these concepts and support it firmly.

An individual has both the physical and non physical existence which we also call as one’s outself and innerself. As per my belief I think soul comes from God and God is eternal. Death can overtake the physical being of a human but the innerself or soul never dies. Death can just put a halt on one’s journey for life but the soul lives forever and experiences another life post death.

There are a number of incidents in which an individual recollects everything about the pre-birth incidents that shows about his continual existence even after dying in his previous birth. Moreover, people also come across the near death experiences in which they are considered to be dead and they suddenly come back to life. Often such people recite about their death journey experience that clarifies the belief of existence after death.

It is often said that a person takes birth to perform some duties to make this world a better place to live in and his worldly activities decides his fate after death. The purpose for which God send him on earth if performed by him he is released from the painful cycle of birth and death. He is expected to do good to his co-existors and is expected to preach the lesson of spirituality.

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