Happy Teacher’s Day. . .

I am almost 10 days late for this post; as my teachers in college always said, some are late but you are always latest, better late than never.

In everyone’s life teacher plays a very important role; am not just talking about the formal teachers we have had during our long course of studies but anyone and everyone who has at some point or other taught us something. So on this day of teacher’s day, let me thank all of them.

Beginning with the school, during the early years we loved our teachers. No doubt going to the school was a big in the beginning, but the warmth in the smile of that lovely lady, who everyday kept patient with so many of little ones who were eating her head with stupid questions, silly complaints and the non stop noise. But not for once she complained. They were the ones who taught us to be patient. I guess this is the reason of all the numerous teachers we have had we respect and love them the most.

Then came the phase when we were not kids anymore nor fully grown ups. At this time we all still loved our teachers, but the nature and definition of that love had changed drastically. Luckily for guys there were so many nice and caring teachers to fall in love with, but for gals the options have always been very limited. This was the time when you just wanted to be in her class, and waited eagerly for it. You were at your best and tried to be more. She always knew what was on your mind, and took it as a childish compliment and supported in any way possible.

But then came the phase, when teachers became our biggest enemies, of all the living beings they were among the hated ones. All the talks among friends began with cursing one teacher and ended with bashing other. To mark it in the words of one of my school teacher, students always love their primary teachers more. They will say let us go and meet Sunanda ma’m [emphasis on ma’m]; but for the senior class teachers the words are where is Sarwajeet [emphasis on just Sarwajeet, no sir or ma’m]. Even the teachers in the lines of Mr. Sarwajeet knew this, but this never deterred them from doing their job properly.

During the college life, the scenario was almost same except now we realized that the teachers are by any standards stupid as well. We realized they don’t know anything, their ways of doing things are so outdated and there is nothing in this world which they can do right. As always the teachers knew what we feel about them and like always still they were doing a job well done. But the funny part is, although we thought we cannot learn and didn’t want to learn anything from them, we still end up learning so much.

DC in MBA said to me, after I wrote ‘Catch-10’, one should always be grateful to his alma matter, and no matter how much I cribbed about my MBA college [won’t say grad and school as never cribbed about it] or cursed my teachers I and for that matter everyone whose ever been student will be grateful to their alma matter [guess this is one advise from DC which I can agree upon].

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