The ‘B School’

When I completed my schooling, I was completely taken over by the craze of getting into a college. I suppose everyone is. As after spending some 14 years in a school it is the first time that we are stepping out in real world, and perhaps this is the main reason behind all the exhilaration and apprehension. Nevertheless I got into my grad college; [although I hate using the word ‘great’ due to the huge amount of exaggeration it puts into the statement] I had great time.

I mentioned this because I have actually met people who despite of being in DU College didn’t enjoy these three years of their life. However when the grad was about to get over, I faced the big question, what next? And this was the first time, during my three years in DU, when I felt as if getting into DU was a mistake. This was the time when the whole concept of getting into a business school actually took concrete shape. Wait a minute did I just said school? Well yes! But didn’t I got out of one 3 years ago?

Due to some reason or the other, these MBA colleges are called business or ‘B’ school. At that time I never thought as to why these post graduation colleges are called schools? I mean there is nothing wrong in it, but if we can have engineering colleges, medical colleges then why not management colleges? But there must be some reason why they are called ‘B schools’?

Am not sure if I have got the answer to this question of mine or not, even after getting into one! Still let us talk about this school, where I have been going for a month now.

Unlike my grad college, the ‘B school’ has a huge number of students for same course and all of them are divided into sections. Also unlike Grad College here students are supposed to follow a strict dress code, not told by seniors but by the college itself. Unlike grad students actually get homework here [well actually these are called assignments, but after every lecture the teacher gives us an assignment]. Unlike grad, students are in the classrooms for most of the time. Unlike grad students do what they are told to by the teachers or seniors and unlike grad students here are afraid of teachers.

Does all this sounds familiar? Am sure it must, afterall this is what we have been doing for most of our school life. I guess this is reason enough to call these post graduate institutes of studies, schools. The shear amount of similarities between the two makes it more apt to call them schools.

But it is not only about the similarities which the two has, but there is a lot more to it. Let’s say for instance the students itself. During the three years of my grad, there were certain things which were considered very uncool. Nobody did them, except for few occasions when everyone was in a mood to play little kids. Like the legendary happy birthday song singing ritual. Remember how the birthday bird used stand in front of the whole class and the song ‘happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to ‘so and so’ happy birthday to you’ used to echo in the corridors of the school? This ritual was missing during the grad days, but here in Asia’s biggest and largest international ‘B’ school, a section of strength around 100 students and with 9 such sections, echoing of this song is a daily affair with the sounds of clap.

Clap reminds me of another old habit. During school days, students were very fond of clapping. Everytime there used to be some assembly or other occasion everyone was more than game to clap. Same is the case here. It doesn’t matter if students are in a corridor or classroom. In the seminar hall or the auditorium, ground or even the cafe, every little happening calls for a round of applause. If the teacher says something good, clap. If the DG [director general] calls out some one, clap. If some one stands to speak, clap. It is always clap, clap and more clap. Instances when you can’t imagine clapping even in your wildest fantasies, people here clap. This is so stupid and irritating, but can’t really help it!

The journey in this ‘B’ school, till date has been like the one in school. I don’t know if this is good or bad. I don’t know if this will help in long run or not. I even don’t know if this is actually what it seems to me or it is just my perception. But then in the end it doesn’t even matter.

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