The Saga Continues…

Here’s the rest of my week [which was very LONG] at MAIT, where nothing much happens most of the time. Just running from one class to another [which fulfilled my quota of exercise]. First sem students have the same subjects, no matter what their stream. So everyone was stuck studying the same subjects, namely physics, chemistry, mathematics, ManPro (manufacturing process), ITC (introduction to computer), CS (communication skill) and IST (Impact of Science and technology on society) [the subject’s just keep getting dumber and dumber]. Out of these, physics and maths are just eleventh and twelfth re-revisited [AGAIN]. ManPro could make an interesting practical subject, but theory is just boring as hell. The others don’t even deserve a mention, except chemistry, which is now totally related to environment [ruining an otherwise AWESOME subject]. This was pretty much the routine all week, except Friday.

Friday, according to our CS teacher, was a “rainy-day”, a wonderful excuse not to exert their fat selves and just sit and eat pakoras, while students from all over Delhi, fought through drowned roads, and a really wet weather just to get to college. But we were greeted not by teachers, but by seniors, roaming the college like a pack of wolves, in search of “fresh” meat. I was caught three times that day, but luckily two out of three seniors of are college are pretty nice, nothing like what one might imagine them to be[after hearing all the ragging cases so often in news]. They just asked an intro and introduced themselves, also offering to help us with our doubts. But there is always the odd one out. The third time I was caught, I was asked to balance a kada [a steel bangle] on my nose, and spin around. I just managed to do it, though the same can’t be said about my friends, who were caught along with me. After making us dance to their tune, they did turn into friendly beings [but we still eyed them suspiciously], and offered help. This pretty much sums up my first week at one of the premier engineering colleges in Delhi. Watch this space for more insights into what really goes on at an engineering college…

1 thought on “The Saga Continues…”

  1. hey buddy……..
    chem is as always boring………
    cs and ists are sleeping periods everywhere……….

    i could expect these skills(balancing d kadda) only frm u…….
    anyways dis is d story everywhere in engineering colleges,

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