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Well i havent written a post since i got into college…so thought of writing something in d “college dayz…”category…well not written a post for about 2 n half years…lots was happening in life..way too much to handle!!! now things have become stable…rather dormant..stagnant..from the point of view of a hypomaniac like me…
Well i m pursuing mbbs..yup m gonna b a doctor…m halfway through…completed 5 terms…4 left..there r a total of 9 terms…its only now that this target looks achievable!!! Till now things were going on like a never ending story..!!
Originally from delhi n studying in bangalore..this post is gonna say alot about bangalore too, apart from “mbbs”…mostly criticism though…dont really like the place :)
M done with my 2nd year exams…2nd Prof..as v medics like to call it…short for “professional exam”..well these exams were quite a torture to say the least…comprising of months of sleepless nights..yes i mean “months”…never before in my life i have studied like soooo much!!!!

Well forgot to mention…m from d same medical college in bangalore as mohammad hanif…for those with short term memory…hanif was d prime accuse in U.K bombing about a year back…which made my otherwise low profile college, very famous (or infamous)..so i mention this fact with a lot of pride..c v medics do pull out evens in d oddest of situations!! It was after this incident that v got very interesting interpretations of our course…MBBS= Major Bomb Blasting Squad , BDS = Bomb Development Squad….n various other adorable names!!

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