An earlier post which I had written ‘Catch-10’ was about my MBA college. I wrote the post in good humour, by making the fun of the college. When I wrote the post it was just to have a good laugh.

But I realize that the post have actually hurt the feelings of my teachers. My intentions were never to hurt my teachers or DG Sir. I have huge amount of respect for him, all the teachers and my college.

Still this is to apologize for hurting the feelings of my teachers, DG Sir, DC Sir and our Dean.


6 thoughts on “Apologies”

  1. dude, i appreciate yr efforts and honesty, but can u send me yr blog, fr personal laughs!!! a lot of my friends missed it.

  2. hey man, please do mail the ‘much sought after’ post to me as well. laughter is the best medicine u see !! TC

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