‘Rakhi Ka Swayamvar’ – The Biggest Drama on TV

The queen of controversy has once again grabbed all the attention worldwide. I guess the TV channels are growing smarter day by day. The show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar on NDTV Imagine got started 3 weeks back. The idea of telecasting such a show is just to mark a hike in the TRP.

And I guess the channel producers have succeeded in gaining high with the help of some spicy and mysterious Rakhi Drama talent. I have a lot to say on this.

To start with the every first thing I find hard to digest is the fact that an ‘A’ grade item girl (who calls herself ‘Kalyug’ ki ‘Draupadi’) is looking for a suitable match with her NDTV Imagine family. I don’t understand the guy Athar Parvez, already married having three kids was one of the participants in the show. How come the selection formalities could miss the most crucial eligibility of the person being single before he could actually be a part of the show? The entry was permitted to just add spice to the show. Poor guy!! Later was thrown out by Rakhi as she found it immoral and unsocial to ruin a happy family.

Moving to the second instance which was enjoyed by almost every citizen was when Rakhi was asked about her success story which included the suspicions about her being sexually assaulted during her struggle in the industry or having any sort of physical relation with ex- Abhishek. Why can’t anyone ask her about her personal life when one is about to tie the knot for the lifetime? ‘It’s not a show, It is a marriage’ stressed by Rakhi time and again.

Her fake smile and broken English has certainly entertained the masses. There would have been countless ‘red lines if her sentences in English will be quoted in MS word’. She loves each and every participant and also stated that she would have married all the participants if the ‘show format has allowed her to do so’. Why not girl! Go for it I guess The Show will make millions overnight and she will be recorded in the ‘Guinness Book Of World Records’.

An interesting participant ‘Manmohan Tiwari’, who stood a strong competition from day one, turned out to be something else. His family was impressed by her Stardom but failed to please the standards and expectations of Rakhi. He was the last elimination in the show till date and was waived off with a heavy heart by this extremely dramatic ‘Item Babe’.

I don’t know who is going to be her ‘partner’; I’m not including the word ‘life’ because such marriages do not guarantee a life time commitment. The girl seems to be more involved in reciting stories about the destitute situations she faced in her childhood and then cursing her family for not being fair with her and using her.

Anyways at last everyone has to accept the fact that the reasons may differ (i.e. hatred, curiosity, love or entertainment) but the show is rocking the charts. Everyone awaits the grand wedding mystery of Rakhi Sawant.

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