Lost :- The End

This Sunday was the day when the series finale of LOST got telecasted (in US). And what a ride it has been. It all started 5 or 6 years back for me, when LOST started for the first time on Star Movies in India. Then again on Star World and the first season even got dubbed in Hindi and was telecasted on SAB TV, which was hilarious. It must’ve started a year later in India then the US telecast like all series do. And when any season ended I’ll wait eagerly for the next season, the wait was even worse because I knew that it’s already on in US or is already over, with the next season. But this time, for the final season, I was not ready for the waiting. So, every Wednesday from February, the first thing I did after waking up was turn on my computer and find its torrent. I am a huge fan of LOST, I always have been. It was also the reason I started watching other series, when I only have watched Friends.

Season 6 turned out to be the best. Week after week it got better and better. Most of the things started to fall in places which really never happened before. Sometimes even got more confusing then before. It was so awesome that waiting for a week, for the next episode, was difficult towards the end.

I always have been a huge fan of Jack as a character. Also became a fan of Matthew Fox. James “Sawyer” Ford was also one of my favorite characters, played tremendously well by Josh Holloway. Desmond Hume, played by Henry Ian Cusick, was also good. But, Jack was one of the reasons why I got hooked to LOST. His transition from Man of science to Man of faith was awesome. He was great through out the series. For me LOST has always been about Jack.


If you haven’t watched the final season yet, watch it first, it’s worth the waiting.

I was glad to see the fact that Jack turned out to be the next protector of the island or Jacob. After all he had done for his people; he was always the chosen one. The fight scene between Jack and Black monster was good. Jack managed to kill it with help from Kate, Jack got injured. It turned out Hurley’s was supposed to be the protector. Jack sacrificed himself to save the island. The flash-sideways turned out to be the place that Jack and maybe all the people build so they can let go and move on, after they had died. LOST ended, right where it started, in the bamboo field with Jack, but this time his eye closing. Sawyer, Kate, Miles, Lapidus and Richard, flying away in the Ajira plane. It would’ve been awesome if Jack had survived but it was great nonetheless.

SPOILER OVER!!!!!!!!!!

There are so many things I want to talk about but let’s leave it to, what a series it has been, full of mysteries, ups and downs and all the characters. I don’t think any other show will come anywhere near it anytime soon. I’m really going to miss all the mysteries, Jack, Sawyer, Desmond, but most of all I’ll miss LOST.

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