Rain Rain Come Again

After a wait of over a month, finally it rained in the national capital. The overall rainfall we received this year is far from normal; had it not been to the Monday’s downpour this figure would have been almost zilch [56% of total rain received was on 27th].

After I wrote ‘Why I love rains’ last year, another post was long on the cards; as just one post is not sufficient to talk about rains.

There is something mysterious about rains, especially when it’s raining in the night. Rains add thrill to the whole situation; look at any Hindi or Hollywood movie, whenever there is something fishy going on during the odd hours of night, it is always raining. During some on the edge thrill moment also it generally rains. The whole idea of listening to the falling rain drops and not seeing them makes it more enjoyable, not to mention thunderstorm and lightening adds to the thrill. This thrill element is also enhanced by the fact that one need to be more careful while out in the rain.

The outing reminds me about the fun of driving in rains. Unless there is water clogged streets-standing still scenario, going out in the rains is great fun. Driving on a long lonely road [during rains the amount of both traffic and traffic police on the road is very less] with rain drops falling from the sky is very relaxing [but only in the daytime not at night; remember at night it’s a mysterious and cautious affair]. And if you are a biker then trust me this is the best time to enjoy a slow soothing relaxed ride; no fast paced biking [on Monday me and my bike got drenched in rain twice and both the time it was more fun].

Outing in the woods while it is raining is again a not to miss. During rains trees look more beautiful and rain also adds to the thrills of a dark jungle. Although you will not find any woods in the national capital but the north campus ridge [or Bonta as it is popularly known] or a nearby park with trees can do the trick.

If nothing else then a meager rain bath/ dance [remember when you paid that extra bucks to get into a rain dance party] in the compound of your cozy home or on the terrace [in case you are shy of neighbor’s voyeurism] and then feasting on your [hot, spicy and tasty] favourite delicacy is an all time favourite rainy activity with its own charm and thrill. If you can manage a game of soccer or cricket in the rain, then what can I say; enough said.

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