Are Indians Racist???

It has been almost a week since whole drama surrounding bhaji’s racial abuse has turned into a fisaco, the ace indian spinner escaping serious punishment by proofing that he never said anything racial to Mr. Andrew Symonds aka Roy, though Bhaji claimed he abused him, well i have already discussed this issue in my previous post “cricket BADBOYS

Then the most highly spoken off “THE GREAT RACIAL ABUSE” by our own Bhajji calling Symonds as a MONKEY(some Indian paper said Bhajji didnt said MONKEY he said “MAAKI”instead and aussies misunderstood and its not an racial abuse.) I dont understand howcome MAAKI is a smaller abuse than MONKEY…though its not racial.

Well this post is not about all this, it is about a far more serious issue, this issue triggered a question in my mind that whether Indians , once victim of racism based on color and region are now themselves racist, and believe me answer to this also lied in mind.
The answer was YES, though we pretend we are not. Time and again we prove it to ourselves but never belief that we can be RACIST.
If all you people at Zhagdoo remeber i had earlier written this post NOT OUR NATION. The post was all about racist behaviour of north indians toward students from north east region of country.
Tell me how many of us dont refer north-eastern INDIANS as CHINKIS…well we can count the numbers on fingers…is calling them CHINKI is not racist.
Or refering labor class from regions of UP/BIHAR as Bhaiyas or Biharis and seeing them as a disgrace is not racism.
More recently we can talk about Raj Thackerey making some remarks about North Indians….Oh so he meaned north indians are degrading MUMBAI….well that is not racism for Mr. Thackerey
As far as INDIANS are concerned that is not all, we are not only racist we are something more, we not only discriminate on basis of color and race. we discriminate on basis of religion, caste and for that matter on basis of gender too then race is not a big thing.

When we can discriminate in two people of same race, and reffering some bhramin or some upper caste as superior than some chamar or shudra and treat them differently, discrimating on base of race is not that big issue.

Moreover, in our country we still want a boy child, female infanticide is still practiced, There is huge discrimination between a boy and a girl child though they are sibling. So what’s the issue if we are discriminating on basis of caste, religion, region or even color.

Discrimination is a part of our lives and Indians are living with it, whether we accept it or not it is there with us, as a curse and if we want Indians are treated well in every part of world (remember we often cry like a baby about discrimination from world, whether its UK, Australia or even fellow Asian countries like Malaysia) we need to look under our white collars and first clean our own home and then excepting the world to change and for that we have to accept that Indians are RACIST or even more than tha….

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