I was just going through the articles on “The Times of India” on the late Rajmata Gayatri Devi . I went through her pictures where I got glimpse of the person that she was . There were many people commenting about her on her death . People had various opinions about the Rajmata and her death . I just happened to read a comment by a person , who has written that “what have we lost?” There were certain more things in the comment but the sentences that I would like to highlight are – “What have we lost?…….She has lived well………Has she done anything for the society ? Many middle class women are much better than her balancing their career and housework . “

I think the way that this person has commented on the Rajmata is very offending .I would like to ask this person how much do you know her ? I would further like to tell this person that just like his middle class women who are much better as he has said than the Rajmata and the things that they do go unnoticed maybe there are many things that the Rajmata has done and which were actually great things and has gone unnoticed . Irrespective of what she has done or what she not done , she has atleast not put the country to shame . I do not doubt that there would be any Indian who would not feel proud to enlighten people from other countries on the fact that there was an Indian princess like her in India. I think she is beautiful, sophisticated and a great lady .

The person who has commented on her seems to say with a grudge that she had lived lavishly . It was not her fault that she was born to be a princess .

I would further like to add that she has done things in her own capacity . It is not that she has not given anything to the society ,the fact is that she has helped the society in her own ways . It was just that these things were highlighted and that was not in any way her fault . I do not in any way understand why this certain person has a grudge towards this great lady .

I am very baffled by the psychology of this person. The least that he can do at the event of a person’s death is pay his respects . Not put forth his opinion on things that he thinks is not correct .

As far as I am concerned I think that she was a great lady and that she does not in any way deserve such a sort of a comment . While going through her photographs I got to see that she has done things for the society . I think that if a person goes through what she has done closely , he will get to know a great lot about the lady .

I would suggest people commenting on a person to get their facts cleared first and then put forth their opinion .I have no doubt that this person has not cared to check his facts before putting it forth before others .

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