What Makes You Argue???

Arguments are a part of our life. Though it changes topics, matter or the person you are arguing with but the intention of arguing is always the same. It is to prove your point right and defeat other person’s belief on the same issue. I don’t guess that there is any such field or relationship which is spared from the blows of arguments. Be it on a professional or on a personal front, arguments always remain a part of the story.

I have often noticed discussions turning into arguments when the intensity of discussion gets hyped. You must have often seen two persons sitting together having a sound discussion on an issue who suddenly goes loud to prove their individual opinions right. Now the question here is that what intuits a person to argue? What drives him so passionate to prove him right when there is no monetary benefit in doing so?

Let me tell you, arguments are carried to satisfy the ego and one’s thrust of winning over others. The one, who gives up in proving his side right, is seem to be defeated by the person who is strong and quite firm on his opinion. Also the person, who wins in making his point clear and above the opinions set against, becomes more confident in taking any decision about his judging powers.

There are two types of arguments one is healthy and the other one is unhealthy. When a couple of people land in a healthy argument the state of mind is to listen and consider what others have to say. Also while having such healthy arguments one gets enlightened about the other side of story even if a person does not find it convincing or above his own opinion.

Talking about the unhealthy arguments, they are just meant to insult the other person and often such arguments end up creating violence and fights. Bottom line of the story is that the spirit to argue should always be healthy and the intention should always be to accept other person’s opinion rather than just emphasizing on holding your point tight and firm neglecting what others have to say.

One has to responsive as well as open to grasp different beliefs on the issue that will bring it an argument in a healthy spotlight.

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