New Year; New Beginning

This is the first post which I am posting in the new year so first of all happy new year to all [well I know it is a little late]. The delay in my making a post is not because I was too busy in my New Year celebrations, and had no time to make one. But because of the fact that this will be the first post of year 2008, so I was simply short of ideas about the subject. It is not that I was totally blank, infact I had a few plots but none of them materialized. So one might be wondering as to what the subject of this New Year post is, which almost took me 2 weeks to write. I think we will soon figure it out.

It was on 30th of the last month that I wrote about ‘The Advani Code’ and since them I was deeply thinking about making this post big. First it occurred to me that I should write about the New Year celebrations, what all are the options one can do? What are the things people are planning to do? Some of the crazy and wacky plans people had in mind to usher the New Year in. But then already each and every newspaper was carrying more than enough stories on the subject. In fact while reading them; it appeared as if whole of my New Year eve will be spent in doing so. All of them had same things to say, with blink and you miss kind of variations and each talked about the super expensive discs and how they are already overbooked, doesn’t matter even if the price tag was anywhere above Rs. 20,000 per couple. The strangest part of the whole story was most of these people [the newspapers were talking about] were not multi-millionaire business tycoons or the big shot corporate professionals, but an average middle class guy with a monthly salary of under this range. I don’t know about which Delhi and who all Delhiites these stories were. Because frankly speaking I don’t know even a single person who spent something even close to this amount forgets about going above it and that too just to get into a disc with his girlfriend.

So I dropped this idea, and with this New Year eve was also gone. In the year 2008 first I thought writing about my celebrations, but then they worth hardly worth mentioning [especially compared to the above 20k+ spending of the young and vibrant Delhiites]. Then I started writing about those gory incidences that occurred during the celebrations and marked the entry of the new year, showing us the real young and vibrant. But then again talking about the unfortunate incidences and that too in the beginning of the year, doesn’t sounded very scintillating. Same went down with the assassination of Mrs. BB [Benazir Bhutto] and the New Year gift [although not very pleasant for the majority] which over 2 lac students received in the form of CAT result.  It was a mishap that occurred in the gone year, and its better to let bygone be bygone, atleast when something is talking about a new beginning.

Then the thought of writing about something which is very synonymous with New Year [well apart from celebrations] struck me. This was about a much talked phenomena of New Year resolutions. Whenever we think about New Year then first thing which come to our mind is the resolution. These resolutions are promises to us, about kicking of some old habit especially bad one. People always come up with new and stimulating resolutions. Often a lifestyle change is associated with them for our own betterment and many a times these are for the good of the whole society. These are not mandatory and there are no boundations to keep them. It appeared to be a good subject to write about on the New Year. Afterall they are very interesting to talk about. About all the people and how they are keeping with their resolutions. Then there are also people who do not have any because it is very hard to fulfill them. Also some smarty that comes up with ‘I will live a happy and content life’ [is this really a resolution?] and [the all time favourite] ‘I will be a good human being’. All was going well, but by the time I was through with the whole idea, most of the resolutions were already a thing of past. Afterall let bygone be bygone!!!

So finally after the hard work of so many days, and thinking so hard about, what the subject of this special New Year new post should be, I was totally clueless. And now at the end of the second week of the New Year, this is it to mark the ‘New Year; New Beginning’. Once again a happy new year to all, and let us hope this New Year really marks a New Beginning for the whole world.

Oh by the way did you figure out the subject of this New Year post?

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