Thinking about the status of women , I do not know why people think that women are inferior to men . Men to a certain extent tend to think that women are inferior to them .What makes them think so ? What is it there in woman or about woman that make them inferior to men ? What infact do men have that they think that they are superior?

Men tend to dominate women . I am not talking about educated people here but people who have not much been exposed to the world and are very rigid followers of traditions . I do not in any way mean to say that following or preserving traditions is not a very great thing .

Let’s come to the point directly . In the earlier days when there was just the men of the house earning he was given a very high respect .The woman was considered a little less than him , because she does not bring into anything to the family . There is a question that I would like to ask here . Who in a family brings in children , raises them , looks after their school work , maintains the house ? The work that a woman had to do continued from early morning till late at night . The work that men do did not have such long hours . I think that the woman here does more work than the men here . There is no reason why men should consider women inferior to them. In the absence of women men cannot be comfortable nor can the women be comfortable without the men .There is an equal amount of work that is being done by both the men and the women and are much more than what the men are doing . The work that women do are not insignificant .

I think men and women must have an equal sort of respect for each other rather than just one dominating the other .

These are things that men should think about before claiming that they are superior to women . Women can still do a man’s job but ask a man to take care or look after a house , I do not think he will be able to do it with an equal perfection that women do it. .Women are not at all bothered about feeling superior or inferior , yes but when it comes to harassment it is very much acceptable that they speak up . They know what they are worth. I think men should learn a thing or two from these fairer sexes.

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  1. hey, Men and women are indeed equal ( because they are humans) but superiority or inferiority is not decided by the amount of work one does. That’s an absurd criteria. And as far as ur question, ‘why women are treated as inferior?’. it’s because, there’s a theory which says,”your income and your importance is directly related to how close you are to money.”
    this is why a share broker earns more ( and has more importance, financially) than a IIM professor. The broker is closer to money. And I don’t mean that this is a fair practice.
    n ya, u r write when u say, “In the absence of women men cannot be comfortable…” ha..ha…

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