Quantum Of Solace. . .

Daniel Craig’s second Bond outing, ‘Quantum of Solace’ was eagerly awaited, not only by Bond fans but anyone with slightest of interest in action flicks. With ‘Casino Royale’ Craig gave a new image of brute killing machine to British superspy, who was earlier known for his sophisticated, subtle ways. It was liked by the viewers and so the saga continues in this installment as well.

Movie begins where Casino Royale has left it, with Bond in his Ashton Martin doing a chase sequence on the Italian roads. Bond wants to avenge the death of Vesper [Eva Green] and in the mean time gets to know about a new world crime organization Quantum. The brain behind Quantum is billionaire environmentalist Dominic Greene [French Actor Mathieu Amalric].

Also thrown in the plot is revenge seeking soul Camille [Olga Kurylenko], whose family was murdered by a General, who with the help of Quantum wants to become the President of some South American country.

With every scene the action of the movie becomes bigger. Car chase, motor boats, airplanes, anything that has wheels or is capable of going fast is getting crashed. Meanwhile Bond is on a killing spree, hence appears to be an assassin instead of a spy. At one point M [Judi Dench] points out “Bond, if you could avoid killing every possible lead, that would be appreciated”. All this reminds you of Rambo not Bond and that is where the movie loses its edge.

Also many things have been left unexplained, or make very less sense. What exactly is Olga Kurylenko doing in the movie? She just appears to be excess baggage. Also on one hand Bond is portrayed completely cold and emotionless and on other he is not able to get out of Vesper incidence. Then the return of Maathis [Giancarlo Giannini], in blink and you miss role makes very little sense. Why the badys are portrayed so weak, unprepared; and many more.

The out of the blue technological Bond gadgets are missing, so is the legendary introduction line ‘Name’s Bond, James Bond’. The references to characters and plot lines from previous movie may confuse the newcomers.

On an ending note, the movie is high on action and low on story. If this doesn’t bothers you then don’t miss it. Else, it is a Bond flick, reason enough to watch it.

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