You Don’t Watch The Zohan!!!

When you come out of a theatre after watching Adam Sandler movie, you have good feelings about it. No matter what the movie is about, but it is always going very easy with you and you felt relaxed after watching it. Comedy is something what he does best and this is what he is doing in this action-hairdressing-sex-comedy.

This is the story of The Zohan, who is Israeli army’s best weapon against Palestinian terrorists. He knocks terrorists down single handed, does the disco all around and pleases the ladies. But Zohan is tired of all the killing and war, so he fakes his death and escapes to US to live his dream of becoming a hair dresser. There he meets Dalia (Emmanuelle Chriqui) who is a Palestinian owner of a saloon where Zohan finally finds work. Then there is also a Palestinian terrorist Phantom (John Turturro) and many other people to fill in the gaps.

The movie has action, special effects, sex, humour and even emotions with an underlying message, that people from both the sides are tired of all the war and fighting. But at the end of the day there is nothing to feel good about the movie. Well yes you do get to laugh on the stupidities, you do get to see the mockery of stars [played by them self] and movies, you do have fun but then all the hummus style comedy is a little cheap to enjoy.

This is one movie which college students might think of watching once, but if you like nice gags which can be remembered to laugh sometime later also then this is certainly not the option to venture into.

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