Mad-‘Mad Money’

What happens when you plan to steal some money from a bank? In the movie world there are not many options, either you have Reservoir Dogs, Ocean’s Eleven [alright it was about 3 casinos, but loot is a loot] or you have Mad Money.

The plot is what we have in majority of theft movies. The protagonists are facing some or the other kind of financial trouble. They need to make some fast bucks to get their life back on the track and what is the most obvious way of making a fast buck than steeling? Three women [Keaton, Latifah and Holmes] have their different lifes and nothing in common, except that they are financially troubled and work in the Federal Reserve Bank. They come together and plan to steal some money from the bank, but there is a catch. The money they have their eyes on is the old currency which ends up in the shredder. But before landing into the shredder the currency lands in their underwears [this where they hide it while smuggling it out]. So technically the money doesn’t exist and practically there are no victims, enough to convince three lovely ladies to do the act.

Off course there are other characters as well, like the bank managers [led by Stephen Root] are aware of the human nature and what the mind can plan about, about to be shredded money. So the security is tight all around.

Now if you find the plot funny and trust the crew then you do it on your own risk. The movie has a few gags to cheer about but more than few glitches. Like no heed has been paid to tell anything about any of the characters. Just an introduction and it is done, like why Bridget [Keaton] insists on carrying on after they are done with their debts and stuff? Obviously greed which lands them in danger, but why they don’t ponder about the consequences of their actions?

Does not really matters, at the end of the day the ladies got the money and the viewers got a few laughs, and not to mention Holmes, nothing more than an eye candy with an I-Pod glued to her ears.

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