The Dark Knight. . .

I watched Batman Begins and the wait for The Dark Knight Began. Everyone was talking about it from the day it went on floor. It released with the hype of Ledger’s lifetime performance. So much was expected from it and to tell you the truth the movie does lives upto the expectations. Yes Batman just got bigger and better. All the talk about Ledger is true. It became more realistic, a characteristic which Batman movies [before Batman Begins] totally lacked. The out of the league start with Batman Begins has been taken to the next level.

The movie, we all know is about Batman’s encounter with his arch nemesis the Joker. The Joker [Heath Ledger] is maniac, menace, freak on lose who is out there on the streets making mark in the crime world. We all know about Joker’s ways. How he plans the anarchy, the certain uncertainty which he writes is driving everyone crazy. Only one man can stop him and that is our Dark Knight.

One thing which everyone is talking about and yes the movie truly belongs to Heath Ledger. Not just because of his acting prowess, but this is the way how it has been made. The whole idea is woven around him only and his performance doesn’t let you forget this, not even for a single second. If Batman Begins was totally about Batman then The Dark Knight is surely about The Joker only.

Also in the picture is DA Harvy Dent [Aaron Eckhart], old time girlfriend Rachel Dawes and off course Gordon [Gary Oldman], who is finally the commissioner during the second half. Gordon and Dent have a specific role to play without which the movie would have never been complete, and they are doing complete justice to it.


·         Matt Damon and Hugh Jackman were considered for the role of Harvey Dent.

·         It is the first Batman movie, to drop Batman from the title.

·         This is Heath Ledger’s final completed appearance in a film.

·         Due to the huge demand to see the trailer, Warner Bros. allowed fans to fill hundreds of theaters around the country to maximum capacity to watch the new trailer just days before it was set to debut with Iron Man (2008). Fans quickly filled the theater, watched the 2 minute 30 second trailer, and left.

·         Tickets for midnight screenings sold out so many weeks in advance that thousands of theaters across the US began to open 3 AM and 6 AM showings to accommodate moviegoers.

·         The movie broke the opening day record of collection, set by Spidermar-3.

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne, he is charming over indulgent billionaire with model girlfriends and sports cars. As Batman he is a more complex and likeable hero who fights for good and who wants to give city a real hero with a face, but definitely you don’t get enough of him. Alfred [Michael Caine] and Lucius Fox [Morgan Freeman] are subtle as ever providing the always needed wisdom and magnitude.

The fast pace movie moving out of Gotham for a brief encounter in Hong Kong, the action sequences, the technology exploitation. Everything is perfect. You can not ask for anything else. If you liked Batman Begins then you will love The Dark Knight, and yes the wait for the third instalment has already begun.

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  1. The review is full of praises for the film…as expected from a die-hard fan like you. It would have been much better if the review had been from an unbiased perspective. Although the movie was good, there were some scenes which were rather over the top (case in point: escape from the building in Hong Kong) and deserve a mention. These were just some suggestions and I hope you would keep them in mind for your future posts.

  2. I forgot to add another point in my previous comment i.e. the trivia. These are easily available and almost anyone who has even a slight interest in the movie would already know them. Thus, I personally do not consider it an essential part and would prefer if it were not there.

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