Flashbacks of a Fool. . .

If I had to write this movie’s review based upon my personal liking, in one line it is ‘avoid by all means’. But then it is always not about action, comedy, romance or thriller. Sometimes you have to digest the heavy emotional stuff in the basement which usually doesn’t make much sense. Not because it is senseless, but we are too naïve to understand it. I guess something like this happened in this case with me.

Daniel Craig plays the role of a troubled Hollywood star Joe Scott, who received the word of death of his childhood buddy. The news takes him into the ‘Flashbacks of a fool’ while he went swimming into the pacific. The memories are of a summer which changed his life forever.

Honestly speaking, I don’t understand what exactly the director wants to show. May be because I haven’t seen the transition phase of life yet, but unfortunately I saw the movie. And as described in the above one line I don’t have anything else to talk about it. There is some good use of music in form of background score, which helps you realize something is happening, but doesn’t helps in understanding it.

On an ending note, if one shock from Craig [Quantum of Solace] was not enough, then you should be game for this one.

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