Labour Omni Vincet!!!

It was May 2007 when I last appeared in any exams [apart from all those entrance CAT, MAT types]. So after a gap of more than a year I’ll be giving them. From the month of December a new chapter of exams will begin in my life [although I have given all the internal class tests of 1st SEM, but they were hardly worthy of being called as exams].

As far as the word exams goes; Exams mean preparations, exams mean studies and exams mean hard work. The extent to which anyone gets into these three things differs from student to student. And each student based upon these three things only falls into different categories. The first category is of those who are there to perform good, second are the ones who performs better, third being of the best and then there’s the last one [undoubtedly the one to which I belongs] is of those for whom its a survival issue; a matter of life and death. Most of my friends either falls in the first or the second category, very few exceptions are of the third and almost zilch to the one I belongs to. In this last [but not the least] category the preparation and labour part is upto a certain level [which is not very good] and studies are even lower than that. But there’s something which indeed occupies the top notch post; nothing but tension.

According to my friends I am a very chilled out guy, for whom there is hardly any matter of concern for which tension should be taken. But trust me, during these days the amount of tension I have is beyond comparison. My father [a doctor] often says that during exams I look like someone with an acute and chronic depression.

About my exam preparation [ironically of which studies forms a very little part], the whole schedule, work pattern and most of the time spent revolves around the central idea to make endless efforts to relieve the pressure and ease tension.

I sleep for more than 8-10 hours a day [taking in consideration that otherwise this duration is around 6-7]. I eat voraciously and that too mostly junk food [which ideally should be a strict no during the exam days]. Moreover I watch a movie on my laptop almost every 2nd day [this average scales down to 1 or 2 per week, 3 in worst case scenario].

There are other so many activities which I got to do, and that too when my parents are pushing me like anything to study [as it is high time], and somewhere down the line I have to convince myself to do all such stuff [which is not easy]. So taking into thought all these factors, the amount of labour I put in [not for preparing but to ease the tension] is exorbitant. Against all odds it ain’t easy to emerge, but as it is said LABOUR OMNI VINCET- Hard work conquers all; my hard work pays and I achieve what I strive for and that is to chill out.

As far as preparation part goes

“Kabhi sochte hain aj padenge,kabhi sochte hain kal padenge.

Phir sochte hain jab exams ayenge tab padenge.

Aur jab exams aa gaye toh sochte hain ab kya padenge!!!”

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