Welding stuff, Exploding tires, and more…

Ah my third post…I hoped to make it a weekly ritual to write here, but since nothing much happened last week [mainly because I went to college for only 2 days], so I skipped a post. But one interesting incident did happen, which is that I carried out my first bunk of college [and certainly not the last], and was ragged [for the fifth time] right outside my classroom [talk about irony]. This time, I was made to run around screaming at the top of my lungs, “Baad aa gayi” (it’s flooding). Seniors really do have a weird sense of humor. Well now to the incidents regarding the heading. I had my first workshop class this week, and as I said earlier, it really was interesting. We were given an electric welding torch, and first asked to use it on a piece of scrap iron, just to get the hang of it. Me and a couple of friends got a little ingenious and welded together a number of pieces, creating one huge plate. Later all of us were given two pieces each, and asked to weld them together. After having fun with them and each other, we realized that these were a part of a “job”, and had to be submitted. Then began a mad scramble for undamaged pieces, and welding electrodes as we were running out of time. Finally, barring maybe a couple, all of us managed to submit something in the name of the “job” given.

Now I come to second part of the heading. As I was making my way back home, I was sitting in a bus, listening to Sweet Child O’ Mine [THE GREATEST SONG] when I heard a loud bang. At first I thought something was wrong with my Ipod, but then realized that one of the tires of the bus had literally exploded, with pieces of rubber flying everywhere. As soon as it came to a stop, most of the people on the bus started hounding the conductor for their money. But he reassured them, and within fifteen minutes, we were moving at breakneck speed again [As usual]. This scenario was repeated the next day, only instead of the tire exploding, the engine had given up. These experiences made me believe that buses were cursed or something, so that day I came back by metro.

Another day, the famous speaker and author of the book “You Can Win” [I still think it’s a dumb title], Shiv Khera had been invited to our college to speak about something [don’t know what because I busy sleeping and was definitely not alone]. Within half an hour, the pandal (where he was speaking) was empty, except for him and the staff members. So this was the story of another two weeks at MAIT [with only 205 to go]. Stick here for more…

4 thoughts on “Welding stuff, Exploding tires, and more…”

  1. Atleast u can do something else (workshop-metal cutting ,polishing ,carpentry etc) if u dont find an IT job.job security.instead of listening to guns & roses u shud hav helped d driver in fixing d problem…..anyway u would hav messed it more than before……..

  2. @ harry

    thats actually a nice idea…but workshop mai carpentry nahi kara te…and i am in cse not mechanical…so ur right i would have messed it up…

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