Boredom, Bunks and Business Plans…

Looks like this is going to turn into a fortnightly series…well better get started then.

As you might have guessed, the last two weeks were full of boredom and lots of bunks. Boredom, because I personally can’t handle a routine. I need to have a change every now and then else I just go crazy [You can ask any of the fellow writers here, they know it pretty well]. So, I went for the only known way of changing your life in college, bunks. Every day, our group of around 10-15 guys would skip the last class [which was just a TUT] and play cricket [not my game, but the only option available in MAIT], which is in fact time well spent. After a couple of days, we started playing with some first year students [who looked like super-seniors] from BBA [our college is actually a campus, comprising MAIT and Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Management Sciences] , who weren’t exactly good at it. But something made them believe that they are better than us and thus resulted in a bet. After losing two times in a row, the BBA-wale started acting up, and that was the end of our mini-series with them.

Now, playing cricket everyday too became a sort of routine, so, as though god had heard my plea, a workshop was organized by NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) in MAIT. There, we were divided into groups and asked to develop and present a business-plan. We came up with a common but slightly innovative plan. Ours was a housing society [like the hundreds out there], but we had decided to give it a twist by adding the small feature of demolishing existing 1-2 storey structures and building an apartment complex in their place[with the tagline “NO SPACE FOR HORIZONTAL EXPANSION, SO GO VERTICAL]. But the judge thought that a mobile smoking vehicle [to replace the nukkar wala panwadi (those were his exact words)], was better and was awarded the first prize. There were a lot more weird ideas, but they don’t even deserve a mention.

On re-reading this post, it doesn’t seem that good to me, but that happens whenever I am listening to some real good music [read METALLICA], so next time I’ll make a point to write it in absolute silence…till then…see ya!!

4 thoughts on “Boredom, Bunks and Business Plans…”

  1. it happens with all of us. no matter how many times we edit it, again on reading, it seems to be not that good. might be because there is still lot of scope of improvement. . .

  2. hey buddy u never bunked a class in scul and always followed a routine and never played cricket or anything.improvement for d good.keep it up buddy……………..

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