CRICKET is a sport ruling the heart of a billion fans in INDIA… how much fanatic we Indians are about cricket can be assumed by that we buy those products which are cricketing heroes sell, we eat in there cafes, we pray them, we absolutely love them.

So it was quite obvious for every cricket fan to be disheartened and anguished after the infamous 2nd test versus Australia in SYDNEY. The test witnessed controversies from the first day and till it reached to its end it was overloaded with some dirtiest controversies, that ranged from poor and dismal display of umpiring, unlawful appealing from the self proclaimed most honest cricketer Adam Gilchrist who says that he dont appeal when he is not sure.. The self proclaimed walkers not walking but standing there ground even in case of a catch at slip. Use of abusive language by Australian player INDIANS complained that Hogg referred lower order Indian batsmen as BASTARDS…Then the most highly spoken off “THE GREAT RACIAL ABUSE” by our own Bhajji calling Symonds as a MONKEY(some Indian paper said Bhajji didnt said MONKEY he said “MAAKI”instead and aussies misunderstoo and its not an racial abuse.) I dont understand howcome MAAKI is a smaller abuse than MONKEY…though its not racial.

The abuse landed Bhajji with a lodged complaint and a 3 test ban, though Indian cricket board, you may refer them as America of cricketing world has used its influence to get it postponed.

But the point behind this post bigger tah all AUSTRALIAN NEWSPAPER The Sunday Telegraph has claimed “THE GREAT INDIAN CRICKET TEAM” is the most worst behaved team in world and they have statistics to back that up. .they have quoted in last ten years INDIAN team have faced most number of sanctions, and the reasons are varied, they have been charged for cases like intimidating umpires, abusing rival players, ball tampering, time wasting and widespread dissent for a record 43 times since 1997. even players like Sachin And RAhul ‘THE WALL’ Dravid were accused for ball tempering..serious offence.

Newspaper also rated SAURAV GANGULY as crickets biggest BAD BOY…it said “former India captain Sourav Ganguly, dubbing him “the game’s undisputed problem child, being hauled over the coals by cricket’s governing body a record 12 times in his international career.”It also rated INDIAN fast bowler or dancer or whatever he is SreeSanth as BADBOY in waiting.

Interestingly, only team which come close to Indian Domination in Bad world is Pakistan our troubled neighbor with 39 cases of dissent in 10 years.

What paper said was truly based on statistics..and they can be misleading though..i agree INDIANS are not saints but its often seen and observed that lightning of ICC bans hits INDIAN subcontinent again and again quite contrary to the myth which says lightning doesn’t hit same place twice and somehow English and Aussies are bypassed every now and then.

This issue will remain under scrutiny for time to come, but till then world can call “The Great Indian Cricket Team” as BAD BOYS.

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