Deccan Chargers: From Rags to Riches

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So the old Procrastinator is back, If you do not remember me, then I shall redirect you to my last post. Well I am not here to talk about myself, as the title suggest, I am going to analyze story of Deccan Chargers from here on in my post they will be known as AC/DC( One Very good friend of mine named them Aussie Chargers). So AC/DC completed a perfect turnaround from last years tourney(IPL08 famous for the infamous slap gate). If any of you are by chance suffering from STML(Short Term Memory Loss, All Credit to Ghajjini Bhaisaab) Last year AC/DC finished last with Wooden Spoon in hand and this year they won it fair and square, Fair and Square with as much as 3 Aussies in line up (Gilli The Monk, Roy The Trouble Kid and Lesser known Harris and to add icing on cake Gibbs who did not tour India coz he was to be inquired By our own Delhi Police in Match Fixing Case) is a highly improbable thing but lets do not touch it right now.

So how The AC/DC the biggest looser from last year tourney (they won only two in 14 played) got the act right this time round. The first thing they decided was to kick the Local Man and there Captain for last season VVS Laxman out of the team. VVS  is  an old Aussie Nemesis and since his epic innings to deny Aussies there Final Frontier  I could not imagine he  being part of any scheme of things governed by and for Aussies.

Secondly they decided to reduce the  hyderabadi touch from the team and blend in some local Aussie Bear in it.  Only one man in playing eleven is born in Hyderabad and two in from  state of Andhra. Apart from these kind act of generosity they gave full privilege to there skipper The Monk, which i believe is vital to win a tournament. To get  a skipper so shrewd like The Monk himself and do what they want, They ensured there local guys Roy, Harris will play at any cost.

So what else resulted in this turn around? What else a team needs to win pretty obviously they need a Coach who can interact with the local talent, since for a domestic tourney you need locals to come up, So Management got a Local Man as coach, The Aussie Darren Lehmann more known for his weight rather than his cricket. I remmember during a match he painted his face Blue. Wow could Robin Singh and Outsider to AC/DC do that. That is how you moticate a team to win cricket tournament. Freak the hell out of your players and ask them to play. Great I must say.

So i believe these would have been some valid points ensuring AC/DC a win but there were many moments of personal glory which ensured AC/DC the win. I after following whole IPL mela do not remember one match in which AC/DC clicked as an unit RP was the lone warrior in otherwise tame looking bowling department. RP had a longer span of luck with taking all those wickets of pretty bad deliveries (That is RP’s Stock Delivery though)  Rohit Sharma 21 of that final over of Mortaza (Well did this Rohit Sharma ever scored 21 in whole innings while playing for India) and not too forgot the one which took them to the final The Monk himself batting as if he has placed his bum on fire For me that was the inning what chnaged it for AC/DC as Delhi were the tourney Favourites with the most balanced side with as many as 5-6 Dilli Waale in team.

So i think i have dissected AC/DC and this is my side of story, as always i welcome healthy criticism and user input.

So it’s all over folks till my next post and only god may know when it will be. Till then Cheers Folks.

3 thoughts on “Deccan Chargers: From Rags to Riches”

  1. well dude if the IPL wining trend is to be continued then i guess Kolkata Knight Riders will win it next time… some good news for Shahrukh Khan???

  2. Though SRK already has an Arrogant Aussie coach in John Buchanan, what they need to do is kick the Baangla’s out of team…you know who i am talking about 😉 and moreover they will need to have One Aussie Skipper..and as i have read here and there SRK called Ricky “The Bhajji’s Bunny” Ponting for his availability next season and SRK will name him as his Skipper…

    So if SRK took these considerations into his consideration. who knows we may see a complete turn around next year too.

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