In the recent days Indian media both electronic and print have been showing, how an American citizen Sunita Williams made a record breaking stay at international space center, media was constantly increasing it number of followers by repeatedly reporting that how difficult it was for the ship Atlantis on earth and how prayer of million Indian families made that space ship finally land on earth. NASA may not agree but it was our prayer for well being and success of our countries own daughter, younger sister of Indian Kalpana Chawla who died in Columbia mishap saved sunita and Atlantis and as Atlantis landed safely on Earth, sound of trumpets and drums rock the streets of India , everybody was full of wishes as if Indian cricket team has won against beloved neighbors.

Sunita was born in America to an Indian father and a Slovakian mother, married to a American catholic is an American citizen since birth, she might have interest and belief in Hindu religion and she might like SAMOSA but does this make her an Indian. So, why Indians numbered in millions are making this issue a matter too big, why we are not ready to accept that a connection to India is not enough to make someone Indian, there is something more required to it.

Similarly when Bobby Jindal became U.S. Senate, people back in India were too delighted that a person from Indian origin is sitting at such a inportant place, but when Bobby was asked about his connection with India he promptly said that he is an American citizen and doesn’t have any sort of link up to India.

The big issue is still that why we have this tendency to relate us to successful people and when will we get rid of this habit of ours. A business man makes an deal people distribute sweets here. A musician wins grammy award oh!! she is the daughter of Indian music maestro and all other link ups.

It is high time now, and we should serve a change instead of following these news makers we should do something ourselves to hit international headlines and then let others make link ups.

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  1. i guess dude this is human nature, to dig their relations with successful and famous…… cant blame on just us…. its all human…..

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